DC provides new website with lots of relaunch info

After months of picking up on rumors and leaks, we’ve now got all the info direct from the publisher.

Miller's terrorist fighter finds a new home

Frank Miller, writer of some of the best comic books and graphic novels of the last thirty years, infamously penned a work which DC would not touch.

Dark Knight Rises teaser looks unlikely, but may be genuine

A teaser for Dark Knight Rises has been floating around the internet since Friday, but no one can present a good case as to its authenticity.

Dark Knight Rises "viral" campaign is dumb and dumber

The attempted 'viral' marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises is really, really bad.

X-Men: When comic book movies stopped sucking

When the first X-Men movie was making a mad-dash rush to the finish line, everything was so top secret, trying to get any advance word on anything was impossible.

Set photos from Dark Knight Rises reveal a plot point

Shooting has finally begun on the final film in the new Batman trilogy, and these grainy stills from the set give us a clue to the film’s plot.

Stock and Trade: Wayne Enterprises

In Stock and Trade, our latest genre fiction feature series, we’re looking at fictional corporations. Today, we’re featuring Wayne Enterprises.

Superman: Man of Steel will tie into the comics more than expected

New plot details for the upcoming Superman reboot movie show that it’s likely tied very closely to the current origin canon from the comics.

Not just Batman, entire roster of JLA disconnected

The decisions being made about the Justice League movie canon is worse than we ever thought possible.

Re-Rebooting Batman

Warner Bros. Entertainment has announced that after Dark Knight Rises, the Batman story will rebooted one more time to fit in which their plans for the DC movie universe.

Dark Knight Rises tertiary villain, actor confirmed

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been confirmed as a cast member for the upcoming Batman trilogy cap, “The Dark Knight Rises”. His role has also been announced, and surprisingly, it’s not one of Batman’s classic villains.

Why Superman needs a reboot

After the critical failure in 2006 to continue the story of Superman as originally portrayed by the late Christopher Reeve, it is perhaps time for a genuine reboot of the franchise. 

'Batman' director being pushed in 3D: report

Christopher Nolan, one of the hottest names in Hollywood thanks to his successful films like The Dark Knight and Inception, hates 3D. But apparently the studio he works for couldn't care less what he thinks.

Batman goes to Arkham City for anticipated game sequel

Warner Bros Interactive has officially confirmed that it is working on a sequel to very well-received Batman: Arkham Asylum on all major gaming platforms.