The Batmobile goes on tour

When Chris Nolan took over the Batman franchise, one of the most interesting changes he made was to the Batmobile. 

Dark Knight Rises trailer has given everything

Warner Bros. has released a long-form trailer for its upcoming super hero action film The Dark Knight Rises.

Video: Batman's grapple gun is no fantasy

If you've watched Batman or read any of the comics, you know the caped crusader often relies on some sort of projectile that shoots a grappling hook - allowing him to climb up the side of a building with relative ease.

Final Nolan Batman film novelization announced

Titan Books has announced that it will be publishing an adaptation of Warner Bros. upcoming Batman trilogy conclusion, The Dark Knight Rises.

No, Batman isn't going Hi-Def

It's hard time for hardcore film fans. 

Celluloid definitely looks better than Hi-Def, most cinema fans agree on this, but it won't be long before they stop making film altogether, and it's going to be a sad day when that happens. 

The Dark Knight gets rated

One can't help but wonder if there will ever be an R rated superhero movie released for the masses.

Batman’s Adam West gets his Hollywood star

As much as Batman’s really come a long way in recent years, there’s no way I’d ever criticize the 1966 TV show.

How the Batman script was nearly lost

One of my favorite upgrades to the Batman franchise was the casting of Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. 

On Batman's silent partner

When I saw that Sheldon Moldoff passed away, the name didn't immediately ring a bell, but once I saw his artwork, I knew who he was right away.

From Batman to bikers?

So many genres have been brought back from the dead, yet it’s amazing no one’s really tried to revive the biker film. 

Faux superheroes gone wild

We all loved playing with lightsabers, so don't pretend you didn't, just thankfully no one caught us on tape like the Star Wars kid. 

DC Announces The Judas Coin

DC Entertainment has announced a new epic graphic novel, which is slated to span the entire history of the DC universe, while crossing the paths of many of the publisher’s super hero characters.

The fated arrivals of Batman: Year One

Last fall, Warner Bros. published an animated adaptation of Batman: Year One, the graphic novel on which Batman Begins was partially based, and the current canon origin story for The Bat.

The Hunger Games - already too much hype?

Is there too much hype behind The Hunger Games, which hits theaters on March 23?

Lining up for Batman

Midnight showings for The Dark Knight Rises - which hits theaters July 20 - went on sale about a week ago and sold out in record time.

DC New 52 Second Wave will bring even more new comics

DC has confirmed that it will be replacing six of the titles from the new 52 when their arcs end after issue #8.

Getting underneath Catwoman's skin

The Dark Knight Rises - which hits theaters on July 20 - is one of the biggest events in geekdom this year.  

DC Comics outsells Marvel

As you may recall, DC Comics underwent a remarkable reinvention last year by rebooting a number of comic lines - a move which prompted an impressive jump in digital sales. 

2012 will be a huge geek year at the movies

2012 is going to be a huge year for geek movies, especially with The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, John Carter of Mars, new Quentin Tarantino and more.

The horse-drawn chaingun of All Star Western #3

Three issues in, and Jonah Hex is helping me understand why some people like Westerns so much.