Batman Vs Superman Gets Pushed Back a Year

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking…Enough with the Batman Vs Superman! We couldn’t agree more. We’re sick of it too, and the movie isn’t even out yet. In fact, whoever’s waiting for Batman Vs Superman is now going to have to wait a little longer, two and a half years longer in fact.

The New Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, Speaks

Okay, so by now we all know that Batman Vs Superman is going to have more than Batman and Superman, in fact, the rumors are true that they’ve just cast Wonder Woman in the film.

Will Joaquin Phoenix Play Lex Luthor?

There’s been so much in the news lately about Batman Vs Superman, and comic fans are bracing themselves for what could be a huge disaster. We’re definitely keeping our minds open on this one, but there’s already quite a few warning signs that should not be ignored, especially the Bat-casting of Ben Affleck.

Are Superhero Films Overstuffing the Turkey?

Comic book movies are still hot stuff for the moment, but there’s definite danger signs ahead. The biggest one right now is Batman Vs Superman, which will also include Wonder Woman, possibly other heroes as well.

Wonder Woman Is Indeed in Batman Vs Superman

Another day, another rumor about the latest fanboy whipping boy, Batman Vs Superman, except this story is true: Wonder Woman is indeed in the movie. 

Could This Be the Plot of Batman Vs Superman?

There’s been recent speculation that several other superheroes will be appearing in Batman Vs Superman, which will hit theaters on July 17, 2015. Rumors were going around that Warner Brothers has been auditioning actresses to play Wonder Woman, and there was also speculation that Nightwing could be part of the story as well. 

Will Wonder Woman Sneak Her Way Into Batman Vs Superman?

Batman Vs Superman doesn’t have enough problems, now there’s talk that Wonder Woman could be a part of it? We know Warner Brothers has wanted to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground, but does cramming her into Batman Vs Superman solve anybody’s problems?

If You Were Ben Affleck, You'd Be Reluctant to Take on Batman Too

This story is pretty self-explanatory…we’d all have second thoughts about taking on Batman. Who wouldn’t love to run around wearing that suit, and get paid tens of millions of dollars to do it? Then again, Batman has a very rich, and varied history, and there will be enormous pressure not to screw it up.

More Batman Vs Superman Details Emerge

We understand that Warner Brothers wants to keep the Batman and Harry Potter franchises going as long as they can, but what about Wonder Woman? A potential Wonder Woman movie’s been in the works for decades now, and at one point Joss Whedon was going to direct. There was also the announcement of Amazon, an origin story TV series, but there hasn’t been any news on that lately. 

Batman Vs Superman Starts Shooting This Weekend

We know, we know, we hear you loud and clear. We know that many of you, ourselves included, aren’t nuts about Batman Vs Superman. In fact, it’s the current fanboy whipping boy, and it’s still a year and a half away from release.

Ben Affleck Taking the Batman Hate in Stride

It’s always amazing to see how thin-skinned people in Hollywood can be. It takes an enormous amount of slogging through the trenches to get anywhere, and you’d think it would make people in Hollywood stronger, yet it’s still full of whiny babies. Whether Ben Affleck is like this in private or not over his Batman casting, he’s certainly putting up a brave front in public. 

No, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Won't Be Lex Luthor

A lot of times on the internet, speculation and the wishes of fanboys can get pretty out of hand in a hurry. Some putz writes that he’d love to see this or that actor playing a role, then it’s all over the blogosphere before anyone realizes it’s just wishful thinking. Case in point, how about the $50 million offer Christian Bale would get to replay Batman. This was only speculation that got around the world of cyberspace fairly quickly. 

Ben Affleck Batman Controversy: Adam West Is Here to Help

Okay, okay, so the world hasn’t been taking the news of Ben Affleck playing Batman very well. We also get the distinct impression that a Batman Vs Superman movie isn’t such a smart idea. We know what the general public thinks, no big news flash there, but what does Adam West think?

Ben Affleck Is Batman: The World is Not Happy

This may not seem like such a big news flash because you knew the internet would react pretty violently to this, but as we’re sure you’ve seen by now, the fanboys are not happy with the casting pick of Ben Affleck to take over as Batman. 

Ben Affleck Is Taking Over Batman

When Batman Vs Superman got announced by Warner Brothers, you knew the role of the Dark Knight would be one of the most coveted in Hollywood. There was speculation that Christian Bale could write his own check to come back and play Batman to the tune of $50 million, but this was just speculation. Josh Brolin was also reportedly in the running, but now there is indeed a new Batman, and it’s Ben Affleck. There’s also a release date announced by Warner Brothers for July 17, 2015. 

The Dark Knight Returns Graphic Novel Sales Soar

When Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel was released, it was a revelation to superhero fans. I can still recall when it came out back in the eighties and it was the hottest thing since sliced bread for comic freaks everywhere. I also felt this was the beginning of the darker Batman we eventually saw in the first Tim Burton film, and of course the Christopher Nolan films that followed. 

Who Will Play Batman Next?

By now we’re sure you’ve read the news that Batman Vs. Superman is currently in the works at Warner Brothers for a 2015 release. This will be the sequel to Man of Steel, although ironically enough, the Batman Vs. Superman project was in the works at Warners well before Batman Begins got made.