Batman Game Series to Come to an End With Arkham Knight

Batman has gone through so many incarnations, and there’s a lot of different shades of light and dark you can project onto the character. The Christian Bale edition of Batman came to an end nearly two years ago now, and now the Batman video game will be winding up as well.

Why Remakes Just Won't Quit

Every time a remake tanks, there’s always the hope that the reboot conveyor belt will eventually stop. Yet even with remakes like RoboCop, Endless Love and Total Recall not doing well, there’s still remakes being announced all the time, including the inevitable, Gilligan’s Island: The Movie. 

Suiting Up For Genre Flicks

Michael Keaton is in the new RoboCop, and he had fun talking about the new RoboCop suit, which is much easier to move around in than the usual armored movie costume. Keaton should know. He had to wear that cumbersome, hard rubber Batsuit back in 1989, which was very hard to move around in, but it set the template for superhero costumes today. 

Lego On Its Way to Building a Major Movie Franchise

Think Legos are only for kids? Think again. Not only have full grown adults been constructing cars and sculptures out of Legos, but Lego has also begun building a good stronghold at the box-office with the Lego Movie, which came in at #1 at the box office.

New Fox Series Gotham Gets Its Commissioner Gordon

Gotham is an upcoming TV show on Fox that will be the prequel to Batman. This show will go way, way back, long before Bruce Wayne wore the bat-suit, and it focuses on the rise of Commissioner Gordon as the city, and the villains who corrupted it, began developing.   

Michael Keaton 's Batman suit versus new Robocop suit: no contest

These days we see so many superhero suits that are done in hard black rubber, and the first time this was ever done was in the 1989 Batman. Before this, of course, superhero clothes were more leotard-y, where Tim Burton’s Batman brought the superhero costume into the modern age.

Batman the TV Series Finally Coming to DVD and BluRay This Year

It took a long time, and some fans, like myself, never thought it would come to pass, but it’s now official…Batman the TV show is coming to DVD and BluRay this year.

Going Back to Batman's Origins In Gotham

Not only are comic books thriving on the big screen, but they’re going strong on the small screen as well. Besides SHIELD, Arrow, and the upcoming Marvel Netflix series like Daredevil and Iron Fist, there is also a Batman origin series in the works, Gotham.

Holy Fake Bat Cowl Batman! $1,500??!!

The rubber Batman cowl is always a great Halloween perennial. When in doubt, you can buy it at a costume store, plop it on your head, and you’re good to go for trick or treating. But we’re talking the modern Batman look. What if you want to go Adam West this October? 

Several Generations of Batmen Praise Batkid

Who cares about Batman Vs Superman? When are they going to make Batkid: the Movie? By now, everyone’s read the incredible story of Miles Scott, a five-year-old child who was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 18 months old, and is now in remission. Thanks to the Make a Wish foundation, Miles was a superhero for a day, and San Francisco transformed into Gotham City to make this special kid’s fantasy complete. 

DC Comics Leaves Its New York Home After Over 70 Years

While Marvel are currently the comic kings, especially at the movies, DC has been making a lot of effort to catch up. At first, we figured Batman was done at the movies with The Dark Knight Rises, but he’s of course coming back in Batman Vs Superman. 

Tim Burton's First Choice to Play the Joker

When Jack Nicholson played the Joker in the 1989 version of Batman, it was an obvious casting choice. He certainly looked the part, and it was the perfect vehicle for him to go wild onscreen. Yet now we’ve learned that Tim Burton had another actor in mind to play the legendary Batman villain, and it would have made a very interesting choice indeed.

Celebrating Batman's Birthday

This year marked the birthday of Superman, who debuted in Action Comics 75 years ago. Batman will be hitting his 75th birthday next year, and DC has big plans for their most popular superhero. (Batman is also arguably the most popular superhero in the world right now.)

DC Comics Jumps Into TV With Gotham

It looks like Marvel’s going to have a big hit on TV with S.H.I.E.L.D., and since they’ve become the number one comic company in the known universe, DC is trying desperately to catch up. The comic giants are trying to get more movies in development since the Christopher Nolan Batmans came to an end, and now they’re branching off into TV as well.

Ben Affleck Taking the Batman Hate in Stride

It’s always amazing to see how thin-skinned people in Hollywood can be. It takes an enormous amount of slogging through the trenches to get anywhere, and you’d think it would make people in Hollywood stronger, yet it’s still full of whiny babies. Whether Ben Affleck is like this in private or not over his Batman casting, he’s certainly putting up a brave front in public. 

Ben Affleck Is Batman: The World is Not Happy

This may not seem like such a big news flash because you knew the internet would react pretty violently to this, but as we’re sure you’ve seen by now, the fanboys are not happy with the casting pick of Ben Affleck to take over as Batman. 

Ben Affleck Is Taking Over Batman

When Batman Vs Superman got announced by Warner Brothers, you knew the role of the Dark Knight would be one of the most coveted in Hollywood. There was speculation that Christian Bale could write his own check to come back and play Batman to the tune of $50 million, but this was just speculation. Josh Brolin was also reportedly in the running, but now there is indeed a new Batman, and it’s Ben Affleck. There’s also a release date announced by Warner Brothers for July 17, 2015. 

The New Evolution of Superhero Costumes

With Man of Steel grossing a world-wide take of $235 million so far, comic book movies are still going strong, and they’re not going away any time soon. The success of modern day comic book movies shows that the genre has come a long way since the days of, say, the ‘60’s Batman TV show.

How Iron Man helped crush Batman and Superman

Okay, so it's only in box office terms, but this awesome chart from the Economist says it all. Of course, in the real world, the kind of real world, Superman would just wipe the floor with everyone. Am I right? Am I right?

Old school Batman is back

Today’s generation may find the Batman of the 60's rather silly, but we wouldn’t have the modern Batman we know and love today without the TV show.