Barnes and Noble Has a Tough Xmas

If you love to read, or love to write, the end of bookstores as we know it is a sad development that’s been coming for a long time. And apparently without a big blockbuster like a Fifty Shades of Grey supporting it, the book business continues to be in trouble.

Are Marvel Comics Leaving the Bookstores?

Comic books had a good year in 2013, and actual paper comic books have been selling better than digital downloads. And indeed, there’s still something very cool about going through comic book stores and pursuing our favorite titles. So we were surprised to read that Marvel may now be pulling some of their titles from bookstores.

B&N may spin off Nook eReader lineup

We all knew the eReader would again be one of the most gifted gadgets of the year during the 2011 holiday season, especially with all the buzz surrounding the Amazon Kindle Fire and Apple's Pad 2.

Microsoft files against Barnes and Noble: The hidden cost of Android

It is interesting how much more active Microsoft has become with regard to protecting its intellectual property in the last 5 years.

B&N captures 25% of e-reader market with Nook

Bookseller Barnes & Noble has just released third quarter statistics with both positive and negative results. Overall, the company’s profits were down 25 percent from the previous quarter as it continues to go head-to-head with other e-reader companies like Amazon.

Barnes & Noble to put e-books on iPad

Barnes & Noble will be releasing an app for the iPad, a device that will be competing with its own Nook e-reader. It's a way for the reail giant to gain more exposure in the market of digital books.