Could Barbarella Finally Return?

Barbarella is one of those projects like Ghostbusters 3 and the remake of Logan’s Run. You keep hearing about it all the time, but it never comes to pass. Talk of a Barbarella remake first surfaced at the beginning of the millennium, with Drew Barrymoore slated to play the title role. (In addition, Rose McGowan almost played Barbarella with her then boyfriend Robert Rodriguez slated to direct.)

Barbarella Series Could Still Happen, But the Logan's Run Remake is Dead

There’s two famous sci-fi properties that Hollywood has been trying to remake for well over a decade now: Barbarella and Logan’s Run. While the original Barbarella didn’t have much of a story, it could be interesting to see what a modern day interpretation could look like. Ditto Logan’s Run.

Barbarella Meets 007

Barbarella is just one of innumerable sci-fi classics that’s been up for rebooting, and like the potential resurrection of Wonder Woman, it’s been a long time coming for both genre heroines.

Barbarella headed to a TV near you

As we recently reported, Barbarella, the late 60's sci fi classic starring Jane Fonda, is finally seeing a Blu-Ray release. 

Barbarella on Blu-ray

Barbarella is a famous French comic-strip created by Jean-Claude Forest.

 In the late sixties, it was turned into the wild sci-fi film starring Jane Fonda, in one of her sexiest, and most iconic roles.