"Idiot" teleprompter blamed for Obama's woes

Former Carter VP Walter Mondale believes President Barack Obama relies too heavily on "idiot" teleprompters, and thus has difficulty speaking directly to the average American. 

Obama wants unfettered access to your Internet activity

Despite outrage over George Bush's limited ability to wiretap into American phone calls, Obama wants to take it a step further and be able to monitor every single form of communication any American citizen uses.

Ray Bradbury doesn't like Obama or e-readers

Acclaimed science fiction writer Ray Bradbury says he is mad at president Barack Obama.

White House moves to double broadband provision

Broadband coverage in the US should get a big boost, with Barak Obama today making around 500MHz of spectrum available for auction. The plan should double the amount of commercial wireless spectrum over the next ten years.

Obama looks for an "ass to kick" over BP spill

US President Barack Obama is apparently looking for an "ass to kick" over BP's embarrassing failure to halt a catastrophic oil leak off the Louisiana coast.

Obama criticizes generation iPad

US president Barack Obama has criticized the iPad and Xbox 360 for transforming relevant information into a "diversion" and putting "new pressures" on democracy.