Pakistani officials compile dictionary of obscene words

From today, anybody using the words 'fondle' or 'deposit' in a text in Pakistan will find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Internet 'legal highs' contain banned substances

Beware of buying 'legal highs' from the internet - many don't have the claimed ingredients, and some contain controlled subtances, analysis shows.

Kate Middleton kicked off Facebook

An unsuspecting healthcare worker was kicked off Facebook last week - for having the same name as Prince William's fiancee. Kate Middleton, 29, discovered she'd been booted out of the site late on Thursday night after repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in. When she investigated, she found that Facebook had acted on the assumption that she had registered under a false name.

Google bans Kongregate from Android Market

Google has unceremoniously banned Kongregate from its Android Market after only one day on the virtual shelves.