North Korea accused of hacking South Korean banks

Computer networks at several South Korean banks and TV broadcasters crashed simultaneously early Wednesday. The attack paralysed ATMs across the country starting at 0520 GMT and they were still down six hours later.

Federal Reserve admits its website was hacked

The Federal Reserve has confirmed that it's been hacked, following a claim from Anonymous that it's harvested the details of 4,000 US bank executives.

Iran is behind bank attacks, says US

The wave of cyberattacks that hit US banks in September was the work of Iran, according to a US government official.

Saudi hackers publish Israeli personal data online

A group of Saudi hackers is claiming to have accessed and published the credit card details of hundreds of thousands of Israelis.

p0isAnon launches Operation Robin Hood

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous and TeaMp0isoN hackers have combined forces to launch Operation Robin Hood.

Occupy the URL lets you protest from the comfort of home

If you can't make it to Wall Street - or can't be bothered - it's now possible to have all the fun of a protest demo without getting arrested or rained on.

Cash crisis forces suspension of Wikileaks

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has suspended the release of information, and says that financial problems could lead to the permanent closure of the site.

If HTTPS is secure, why isn’t every website using it?

With technology now so much a part of daily life, the average person maintains a password for multiple accounts, including e-mail, instant messaging and banking. 

Scammers create 57,000 fake web pages - every week

Well, we thought we were prolific, but we've got nothing on the wrold's hackers, who are creating 57,000 new fake web addresses every week.