Plunging into reel terror

I’m not only a proud contributor for TG Daily, but I’ve also written several genre books.

The metal of Quiet Riot

Laugh all you want, but if there was any album that blew open the door for the big metal explosion of the early '80s, it was Quiet Riot's Metal Health. 

Def Leppard tries again

Writing a book about metal and hard rock bands, Bang Your Head, wasn’t always an easy experience because there’s plenty of jerk musicians out there, but the dudes in Def Leppard are definitely on the good guys list. 

Movie title madness

How many of you are sick and tired of simplistic movie titles that must have taken all of ten seconds to come up with? Faster. Dirty. Knowing. Fighting. 

On Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath & Iron Man

All lovers of heavy music truly owe Tony Iommi an enormous debt.