Twisting radio waves could boost capacity

Radio congestion could be dramatically eased by twisting the waves into spirals.

Tor asks Amazon cloud users to help boost bandwidth

The Onion Router (Tor) anonymization network is asking users for help to improve bandwidth.

Tool lets users manage internet speeds

As US broadband providers move towards usage-based pricing plans,  Georgia Tech researchers are launching a tool allowing users to make sure they're getting the service they're paying for.

Marvell Imagines the 10 Gigabit Digital Home and I Meet Stan Lee

I flew down to Hollywood last Tuesday to attend the Marvell AVANTA launch. 

Corporate America loses control of social networking

Suits, ties and drones beware! A recent study has concluded that social media usage in corporate America is "fast outpacing" its system of rigid control. 

Facebook shrinks to Zero

Facebook is launching a cut-down version for mobile users, eliminating pictures and other bandwidth-hungry content.