Can Public Demand Get Justin Bieber Deported?

Usually we don’t cover nonsense like Justin Bieber on TGD, and we think the current media frenzy surrounding this kid is pretty ridiculous. You’d think there’s nothing important going on in the world that we see this punk all over the news for drag racing, drunk driving, and egging his neighbor’s house. A young pop star makes too much money, his ego goes totally out of control, and he repeatedly makes a fool out of himself in public. Gee, never heard that story before. 

Robot baby learns first words

The best way for robots to learn language could be the same way small children do - through interaction with adults.

Rich people more likely to take candy from a baby

Upper-class people are more likely to engage in a whole range of unethical behaviors, say psychologists, who have carried out the experiments to prove it.

Woman polls Facebook to choose baby's name

Would you name your baby Sadira-Sagitarius? Or Fabby Licious? Probably not. But you can saddle an unsuspecting, indeed, unborn Canadian girl with one of these unfortunate monikers if you like.