Guns 'N Roses Appetite for Destruction turns 25

It's an anniversary that makes me feel increasingly older every time it hits the next five-year mark, but Appetite For Destruction just had another birthday.

Van Halen M&Ms and Axl at gunpoint

Even if you know next to nothing about rock n' roll or Van Halen, everybody knows the brown M&Ms story.

Metallica goes back to work

James Brown may have been the hardest working man in show business, but Metallica's also had one of the strongest work ethics of any band out there, especially when it comes to touring.

Why there will never be a GNR reunion

Slash has a new solo album out, Apocalyptic Love, which means of course he's forced deal with the same question he'll be asked for the rest of his life: will a GNR reunion ever happen?

Demanding a Guns ‘N Roses reunion

Who didn’t love Guns N' Roses when they exploded on the scene with Appetite For Destruction?

Guns 'N Roses hits the charts again

Appetite For Destruction, the debut albumn of Guns 'N Roses, made quite an impact on the music industry over the years. 

Released in the summer of 1987, the album helped GNR became the biggest band in the world - albeit for a brief shining moment.

Hair bands without hair

These days, having hair isn't important being a musician, you can go chrome dome and let it shine. 

But back in the eighties, especially if you were in a metal or a new wave band, hair was crucial, and many musicians tried to fight hair loss with everything they had.

GNR's Use Your Illusion is turning 20

This year has seen the 20th anniversaries of both Metallica's Black album and Nirvana's Nevermind.

Does anyone care about Van Halen's new album?

Rumors have been spreading like wildfire, and apparently this time they're true.