Login-stealing Trojan written by eleven-year-old

Pre-teen children are increasingly developing malicious code, anti-virus company AVG is warning.

4/1 SNB-SCB weekly wrap

Here is some of what you might have missed this past week on SmallNetBuilder and SmallCloudBuilder.

Almost all US kids have photos online before their second birthday

There's no privacy nowadays for even the tiniest members of society, with a survey revealing that eight out of ten children have some sort of online presence before they reach two years old.

Young adults careless about status-jacking

Passwords: who needs 'em? Not young people, according to a new survey. Fewer than half of 18 to 25-year-olds in the US, the UK and Australia bother to keep theirs private when accessing social networks.

AVG touts Threat Labs beta initiative

AVG has introduced an online tool known as "Threat Labs" that allows users to help counter nefarious cyber-criminals by reporting and steering clear of malicious websites.