Is there life on Earth-size planets?

Recently, NASA identified a world known as KOI 326.01. The planet is a tad smaller than Earth, with an average temperature lower than water’s boiling point. Still, in some ways KOI 326.01 is somewhat analogous to Earth, at least in size.

'Avatar' experiments cast light on consciousness

Scientists have been able to 'project' people's consciousness into a computer avatar, in much the same way as happens in the movie.

James Cameron to be first recipient of new 3D movie award

The man whose 3D movie made more money than any movie in history will be the inaugural recipient of the International 3D Society's Harold Lloyd Award, honoring excellence in the art of 3D filmmaking.

James Cameron sees a future of nothing but 3D movies

Heralded director James Cameron thinks that within a few years, advertising that a movie is available in 3D won't be such a big deal anymore...because almost every single film in theaters will be presented in the new format.

Avatar Blu-ray 3D tied to Panasonic until 2012

Avatar is available on Blu-ray 3D today. It's perhaps the best showcase title to demonstrate the power of the new 3D medium. But...if you don't own or plan to own a Panasonic 3D TV, the only way to get a copy is to buy a $400 bundle that you can't use with your TV, or get one from a scalper on Ebay.

Blu-ray 3D versions of Avatar going for up to $400

If you had a snazzy brand new 3D TV and an expensive Blu-ray 3D player, what's the number one movie you'd want to watch? Avatar? Unfortunately for you, it's pretty exclusive right now.

Virtual pop princess Miku to sing in English

If you’ve been waiting and praying for the day when Japanese vocalist Hatsune Miku will sing in English, well my friends, that day has finally come.

Virtual camera offers instant image processing

A Scottish group of games researchers is launching a 'virtual camera' that mimics techniques pioneered in James Cameron’s Avatar. Based on a Nintendo Wii-like motion controller, it will cost under $200.

James Cameron promises: after Blu-ray 3D, no more Avatar

After multiple theatrical runs and two separate home video releases, Avatar still needs to be released on the Blu-ray 3D format. But after that, James Cameron will stop peddling the movie around.

James Cameron's next 3D film? An Avatar rehash

So when you create the highest-grossing movie of all time, what do you do for your next project? For James Cameron, the answer is: use the exact same story.

Internet-enabled TV more popular than 3D

3D movies such as Avatar may be all the rage, but enthusiasm for the relatively nascent medium has yet to significantly accelerate mainstream adoption of 3D-enabled television sets. 

The biggest stakeholder in 3D movies: RealD

Quiz question: what is the only company that earns money on every single 3D movie ticket sale, almost irregardless of where the ticket is bought and what the film is? Answer: RealD, the company that brings 3D technology to every major theater in the US.

No format war means 3D will quickly become mainstream

While there is still a battle for 3D acceptance in the home, the lack of a format war for home media could lead to a faster adoption rate and increased interest.

Milking the Avatar cow: 3D film being rereleased August 27

As if James Cameron's Avatar didn't make enough money in its original screening, a second theater run, and an initial home video release, a new "special edition" of the film is coming back to theaters.

Samsung Vibrant comes with free movie, free in-flight WiFi

Samsung wants to highlight the entertainment capabilities of its latest Android phone, and to do so it will have James Cameron's Avatar movie pre-installed, and access to free in-flight WiFi.

Hustler turns Avatar into 3D porn

Looking for a porn fix with an alien twist? How about watching some steamy Na'vi action this September?

James Cameron's Titanic goes 3D

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, and to line James Cameron's unendingly deep pockets with even more gold, Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio will be getting the royal 3D treatment.

James Cameron begs Hollywood for 3D content

Avatar producer James Cameron has issued a public plea for Hollywood to increase its production of 3D content for the two-dimensional masses.

Francis Ford Coppola says 3D is so 1950's

Francis Ford Coppola - who directed such classic movies as Godfather and Apocalypse Now - has expressed his profound disappointment with modern 3D entertainment.

Avatar director helps next Rover mission to film Mars in 3D

Avatar director James Cameron has persuaded NASA to let him help design a high-resolution 3D camera for the next Mars Rover.