Jackson's Hobbit goes FTW

The Hobbit just had its world premiere on November 28 in New Zealand, and as we saw in the latest Peter Jackson production diary, it was quite a mad dash rush to complete th efilm, but he indeed made the finish line right on time.

James Cameron's post-Avatar plans

One can't help but feel somewhat peculiar when reading about James Cameron’s post-Avatar plans.

Is 3D finally done?

With a lot of film fans, all it takes is one simple term to get their hackles up: 3D. Yes, the format was termed the salvation of the industry some years back, and it’s now a necessary evil to get your movie played in China.

Avatar sequel almost ready for pre-production

James Cameron and Avatar have been in the news a lot lately, even if we're at least a good three years from the sequel hitting the theaters. 

PS4, Xbox 720 to have Avatar-style graphics

If you thought the graphics in the movie Avatar were good, you won't be disappointed in the next console generation.

James Cameron eyes Battle Angel Alita

Fans of James Cameron know the veteran Hollywood genre director has been eyeing Battle Angel (Alita) since the mid-90s.

Yes, there will be an Avatar prequel

It's obviously going to be a while until we see another Avatar movie, but the film should absolutely be worth the wait.

The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises battle it out

Everybody knew that The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises would do huge business, but could either eventually dethrone Avatar as the #1 movie of all time? 

Avatar goes 3D on Blu-ray

I loved Avatar when I saw it opening day, and also have it on DVD. But of course, we’ve all been wondering, when is it (officially) coming out in 3D for the home?

Indiana Jones is headed to IMAX

Although it may often be too much to take in all at once, seeing a movie in IMAX can be a hell of an experience.

Some thoughts on Halo the movie

When Halo was the hottest video game around, fans everywhere were understandably clamoring for a movie adaptation. 

The Hobbit treads carefully at 48 FPS

As we've previously reported, there's been quite a lot of controversy over The Hobbit being shot at 48 frames a second, which Peter Jackson feels will revolutionize movies. 

Has James Cameron moved to Pandora?

Avatar couldn’t have hit theaters at a better time.

James Cameron is ready for a massive Avatar marathon

When New Line Cinema decided to go ahead with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, it basically gambled the company on the franchise.

The Avengers now #3 movie of all time

We all knew from the tracking reports that The Avengers would be a big movie, but the film has actually been insanely successful.

All Avatar, all the time

It was a long time in-between blockbusters when James Cameron finally came back with Avatar, but it was definitely worth the wait. 

The search for a Hunger Games director is on

The Hunger Games is still the number one movie in the country, going on its fourth week at the top of the box office charts, a feat no film has done since Avatar.

CGI gets crowd sourced for new sci-fi show

I'm actually surprised this hasn't happened sooner, but apparently a web series is being created where the CGI effects are being outsourced, or "crowd sourced" as it's called, in exchange for getting your effects work shown.

Pentagon wants Avatar-style robots

I'm fairly certain most of you have seen James Cameron's Avatar or Surrogates starring Bruce Willis.

Dying is easy, Star Wars is hard

Everyone knows George Lucas loves to complain, and Star Wars obviously wasn't an easy movie to make.