Avatar Sequels Promise to Go Deeper With 3D

While many scoffed at the big comeback of 3D, and in many cases it was certainly deserved, Avatar was a major game changer for the technology. And as you can predict by now, James Cameron promises he’s going to take 3D technology even deeper the next time around. 

James Cameron Debating High Frame Rates For Avatar Sequels

There’s been a lot of controversy over high frame rates. A lot of people don’t think they make movies look better, but they sure do wonders for video games. Still, Peter Jackson and James Cameron feel high frame rates in movies are the way of the future, and Cameron is debating how many frames per second he wants to go for the Avatar sequels. 

Original Cast of Avatar Back For Three Sequel Deal

When Marvel’s deal with Robert Downey Jr. ran out, there were some fears he would not come back for the Avengers sequel, but being the good guy that he is, Bob came back and didn’t leave anyone in the lurch. Now it’s official that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are back for the three Avatar sequels. 

Avatar Meets the Godfather?

So now we know that the next three Avatar films are going to be shot in New Zealand, and principal photography will probably begin some time late next year. This is definitely going to be an epic of science fiction, but Godfather epic? 

Avatar is Heading to New Zealand

No, this isn’t a trip sponsored by Oprah, this is where the sequels for the biggest movie of all time will get made. James Cameron’s definitely going to have his hands full for the rest of the decade with three new Avatar films, and they will be made in Middle Earth’s backyard. 

X-Men Days of Future Past Cost How Much?

It’s hard to imagine any movie costing as much as Avatar, which at one point was the most expensive movie ever made. There have been some intriguing rumors as to how much Avatar actually could have cost, but the official number is $237 million.

Avatar Villain to Return in Sequels

The news that Stephen Lang, who played Marine Colonel Quaritch in the first Avatar movie, is returning for the sequels is surprising, for obvious reasons: He got killed him in the first one. Yet if you want a character to return, there’s almost always a way, and Lang is indeed coming back. 

Avatar Sequel May Have an October 2014 Start Date

With its upcoming sequels, Avatar has the potential to become the biggest sci-fi franchise since Star Wars. There will be three more Avatar films, and now the next installment has a potential starting time.

Avatar Casino Games Coming in November

Some time ago, you may recall there was some scuttlebutt about Lord of the Rings casino games, and how the Tolkien family didn’t feel it was good merchandising for their brand. It’s funny to think of geek stuff hitting casinos in the first place, and now there’s Avatar casino games.  

No Ah-Nold in Avatar 2

When it comes to rumors on the internet, we’ve always loved the Mark Twain line about how a lie can travel half-way around the world before the truth gets its boots on. Remember the Christian Bale rumor he could make a potential $50 million to play Batman again? Nothing but speculation that got out of hand in a hurry.  

Avatar Will Have Three Sequels

It’s been rumored for some time, and now it’s official: Avatar will be four movies. These films will probably end up costing about a bazillion dollars total, but it has now been announced that there will be four movies total in what could end up being the sci-fi franchise to rival Star Wars.

Avatar 2 and 3 may shoot in 2014

So many people want to know when the next Avatar movies are due, but a James Cameron film never comes out until it’s good and ready.

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Is 3D finally done?

Although there are many films out there in 3D, you don’t hear about it much in the news these days, and for many movie-goers, that’s a blessing. It wasn’t that long ago that 3D was hyped as the magic bullet that was going to save the industry, yet people got tired of the hyperbole in a hurry.

Avatar sequel remains on track

Avatar hit theaters in late 2009 and became the biggest movie of all time, beating out James Cameron’s previous movie, Titanic. A sequel was obviously a given.

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If you're a fan of science fiction and popular cinema, odds are you've already seen James Cameron's Avatar. You know, the movie with the giant blue aliens.

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I’ve always felt that the Terminator films worked best in tandem with Arnold and James Cameron as a team, and it would have been great to see them make a third one when the series was still in its prime.

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Avatar's future frame rate

The controversy over The Hobbit's high frame hasn’t died down, but we’ll know soon enough if real paying audiences will accept it or not.

Is new Hobbit movie tech making audiences ill?

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