Autonomous Nissan Leaf navigates Japanese highway

Nissan, in a bid to move forward the cause of autonomous driving vehicles, recently completed its first public road test on a Japanese highway of a robotic Leaf electric car. The automaker wasted little time in completing this test, as it was only in late September that it was licensed by governmental officials to let one of its driverless cars on the road.

This shuttle is driverless and autonomous

The world of autonomous electric vehicles as a form of mass transportation is something we’ve mostly seen in science fiction movies to date. There are those around the world though who are testing out these people movers of tomorrow in today’s settings, and one such project is taking root in Singapore between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and JTC Corporation’s CleanTech Park.

SHARC - the autonomous police car of the future

The winner of the yearly Design Challenge was recently announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Autonomous flying robot has a honey bee brain

UK scientists at the Universities of Sheffield and Sussex have kicked off an ambitious project to produce the first accurate computer model of a honey bee brain.

California to license self-driving cars

Californian senators have passed a bill that looks set to make the state the second in the US to approve self-driving cars on its roads.

Video: Google's self-driving car goes to DC

Google's self-driving car made the rounds this week in DC as Mountain View lobbied lawmakers and interest groups to endorse its autonomous vehicle technology.

Google’s self-driving car rolls forward

Mountain View is currently in discussions with a number of major auto insurance companies about the implications of integrating its autonomous tech into real-world vehicles.

US Navy wants an autonomous firefighting robot

Scientists at the US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have formed an interdisciplinary team to develop a humanoid robot capable of fighting shipboard fires.

X-47B drone will be completely autonomous

The role of unmanned drones in the US military is constantly evolving, with the Pentagon deploying unmanned craft for a number of critical missions, including surveillance and targeted attacks.

Navy wants autonomous undersea ‘bots

The US Navy recently tested the autonomous system capabilities of an unmanned undersea glider as the military prepares to deploy squadrons of air, surface and undersea robotic vehicles later this decade.

Video: ASIMO the autonomous humanoid robot

Honda has debuted an upgraded version of its ASIMO humanoid robot. 

Europe tests autonomous road trains

The EU's road train project, Sartre, has undergone its first real-world tests in Sweden.

Autonomous transit concept gets off the ground

Industrial design student Anthony Stuhldreher believes that Lafayette, Louisiana, has a major traffic problem.

Amstaff guard bot is an autonomous soldier

An Israeli security expert has designed a guard bot capable of autonomously identifying and responding to hostile infiltrators.

NASA upgrades Mars Rover with advanced autonomous capabilities

NASA has upgraded its Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity with advanced autonomous capabilities.