The Audi R8 experience - or how I saved $120K

I’m quite a big fan of high-tech cars, and my personal vehicle choices tend to balance technology, styling, and performance. 

Tesla S - the iPhone of cars?

One of the most interesting comments I heard from an attendee of the big Tesla S event last weekend was that the long-awaited car launch reminded him of an Apple event.

The Audi A7 & the portable man cave

I’m doing a review of the Audi A7 this week and I currently drive last year’s Audi S5. So far, it seems as if the A7 is probably the poster child for this year's "all you can do in tech" award.

Smartphones jumpstart automotive infotainment

Smartphones running iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and BlackBerry (RIM) are helping to jumpstart the relatively nascent automotive infotaintment industry.