Smartphones and cars get all connected

App-Connected vehicles could reach 20 percent of consumer cars in  North America and Western Europe by 2017, research has suggested.

Lasers could revolutionize internal combustion engines

Spark plugs have powered internal combustion engines for 150 years. Leave it to the Japanese to develop a way to replace spark plugs with lasers.

Security researchers say they can take over a car

A team says it's found ways to hack cars to disable the brakes or lock people inside.

Hacker brings 100 cars to a halt

Drivers in Austin, Texas thought their cars were possessed when their horns started honking in the middle of the night or their vehicles simply wouldn't start.

Prototype car learns to drive itself

An EU-funded project has created a car that learns from its driver - all very well, we reckon, as long as the driver is halfway competent.