Google drops Pirate Bay from Autocomplete results

Google's added The Pirate Bay to its Instant and Autocomplete search blacklist, meaning that users need to type the words out in full before the search engine lists the site.

Google sued for alleged anti-semitism

Google's in trouble again over whether its Autocomplete feature is libelous - and this time complaints of anti-semitism are in the air.

Google ordered to censor Autocomplete results

Google's Autocomplete function is continuing to get it into trouble, with a Japanese man becoming the latest to sue over the suggestions it throws out for his name.

Argentina gags Google over anti-Semitic sites

An Argentine court has followed the lead of Italy in ruling that Google's Autocomplete function is potentially illegal.

Google Autocomplete is libelous, rules Italian court

On April 1, Google announced that it was hiring 'autocompleters' to make helpful suggestions to users making searches. That was a joke: this isn't.

Google looks to identify searches for pirated content

Google's aiming to pick out searches for illegal content as part of a crack-down on copyright infringement.