Autism, Denmark and again no link with vaccines.

For a while now, I’ve been hoping that someone would publish data on the current state autism prevalence by birth year in Denmark. Denmark has been used for epidemiological studies for autism since their is a national database for health care. Thus, one can obtain a count of ...

Google Glass and Autism: an opportunity to do some good

Teenage freshman at Stanford has a project that uses Google Glass to help people with autism to read another person's emotions. Autism is characterized by deficiencies in social interaction, emotional and non-verbal communication.    According to a report in Medical Daily:  

SAP wants to hire autistic people

The company which makes software that no one understands says it aims to train 650 workers with autism to become IT specialists by 2020.

Human beings unlikely to get cleverer

Given that we've been evolving for millions of years, and generally reckon it's our intelligence that's given us the edge as a species, it's perhaps surprising that we're all not a little bit brighter.

Autism linked to low birth weight

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing have discovered a link between low birth weight and children diagnosed with autism.

Autism more common in hi-tech areas

Autism is more common in geographical areas with a high proportion of engineers and IT specialists, a Cambridge University study has found. And, they say, this may be partly because autism is linked to skills seen as desirable in a tech-savvy society.

Researchers enlist robots to help autistic children

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have enlisted a specialized "Nao" robot to help teach autistic children.

Video game helps autistic children with social interaction

Psychology professor Carrie Pritchard is creating a computer game not just for fun, but to help teach autistic children social skills. Pritchard - who received  a $20,000 grant for the project - plans to design the educational video game with a focus on interaction and responsibility.