Site picked for world's biggest radio telescope

A site has finally been chosen for the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, the Square Kilometre Array - and it's both Australia and South Africa.

Australian 3G 'really 4G', claims Apple

Apple's defending its '4G' branding of the iPad in Australia, saying it's technically correct.

Google found guilty of serving misleading ads in Australia

An Australian court has ruled for the first time that Google's responsible for advertisers' content.

Apple offers refunds in Australia over 4G connectivity

Apple's been forced to offer a refund to Australian buyers of the new iPad after confusion about the device's 4G connectivity.

Tiny wires fill missing link in nanoscale computing

Wires just one atom tall and four atoms wide have been shown to have the same current-carrying capability as copper wires, giving a new lease of life to Moore's Law.

Ridiculous prediction pegs $600 Wii U price

The Wii U has received a pre-order price for the first time, and all we can say is we hope this isn't the real price.

Aussies to get Galaxy Tabs for Christmas

Just like in all the best movies, Australians look set to get their Christmas presents after all. The country's High Court has dismissed Apple's appeal in the long-running patent case with Samsung, allowing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to go on sale.

iPhone explodes on Aussie flight

An Australian airline has confirmed that an iPhone 4 became red-hot, shattered and started pouring out smoke on a flight from Lismore to Sydney on Friday.

Australian Galaxy Tab ban becomes official

Australia has made the injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab sales official, meaning they will not be available in stores for the holiday season.

Cosmic 'umbilical cord' discovered

Australian astronomers say they've found proof of a vast filament of material that connects our Milky Way galaxy to nearby clusters of galaxies and on to the rest of the universe.

Apple threatens store for selling Galaxy Tab

On the heels of winning its patent case against the Galaxy Tab in Australia, Apple is now going after local retailers who still want to sell the Samsung device.

World's oldest fossils discovered

Scientists say they've found the world's oldest fossils, the remains of tiny creatures that lived 3.4 billion years ago in a pre-oxygen world.

Apple succeeds in blocking Aussie sales of Galaxy Tab

Samsung's been forced to delay selling the Australian version of its latest Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia because of its continuing litigation with Apple.

Smart bandage warns of infection

Australian scientists have developed a 'smart bandage' that changes color when a wound becomes infected.

Aussie reporter arrested after 'stealing' Facebook photo

Beware: using a 'private' photo online is as risky as stealing a television, as one Australian reporter has found to his cost.

Car crosses Australia using wind power

A wind-powered car has just completed its first long road trip - from Perth to Sydney - at a cost of just $15.

Scientist explains away UFO sightings

An Australian physicist says he's solved the mystery of a series of UFO sightings over South-East Queensland in May 2006.

Australian teen admits government website attacks

A teenager has admitted launching a series of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks against the Australian government.

Spamming civil servant fails to find love

An Australian civil servant is in big trouble with his bosses after emailing almost 7,000 of his colleagues in search of a woman he'd met at a party.

Human error caused space balloon crash, says NASA

NASA says the crash of a space balloon earlier this year was caused by human error - and that mistakes like an inability to remember the phone number of the Australian emergency services contributed to the danger.