Elite pilots and aircraft ground staff to get iPads

Ever wonder why pilots wheel around giant, square bags? No, neither did we, but apparently there is a lot of documentation in there, and not just whiskey. Surely there is a better way. Yes, there is says Australia's first CTO of its Defense Department.  

Cops want 3D gun banned

While the US is scratching its head about what to do about 3D printed guns finding their way into the hands of criminals and right-wing nutjobs, the Australian cops want them banned.

Lulzsec hacker caught red-handed - report

One of the leaders of the international hacking ring Lulzsec was caught when he broke into a website belonging to a local authority in northwestern New South Wales, Australia.

Now the US taxman probes Google

The world's tax men are ganging up to take on the creative accountants at the likes of Google, who have been allegedly engineering some fairly staggering tax evasion moves.

Google building hacked

An ex Google employee has found that his former employer had some serious security holes at its new office in Sydney, Australia.

LulzSec man arrested

Australian cops,  along with troopers, have fingered the collar of the cobber they believe was the top dingo in the International hacker outfit LulzSec.

Facebook gets its knickers in a twist

Facebook is in hot water after it refused to take down a fake page which claimed to be the Aussie ambassador to the EU.

IBM beat Accenture by using leaked info

Big Blue is in hot water in Australia after it admitted using "leaked information" to win a multi-million dollar Queensland Health payroll contract.

Julian Assange forms political party

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is still hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy, thinks that a wizard way to get attention is to form a political party.

Apple blames Big Content

Apple has explained that the reason Australians have to pay more for their music content than the rest of the world is not its fault.

Assange makes bid for Australian senate

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is delivering on his promise to run for  the Australian Senate, applying for the Victorial electoral roll.

Tech giants ordered to explain high Australian prices

The Australian government has summoned Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to explain why their products cost more there than in the rest of the world.

Indians migrated to Australia 4,000 years ago

Native Australians weren't, as thought, isolated from the rest of the world for 40,000 years: they absorbed a wave of migration from India just 4,000 years ago, a genetic study shows.

Long-beaked echidna may still survive in Australia

The western long-beaked echidna, believed to have become extinct in Australia thousands of years ago, may still be alive and kicking in parts of the country today.

So long and thanks for all the fish: dolphins deliver ‘gifts’ to humans

Scientists at an Australian resort observed dolphins bringing their own fish ‘gifts’ to the humans who feed them.

Bonanza! Ants and termites poop gold

Ants and termites could be pressed into service as tiny gold miners, say researchers, who have found them excreting miniature nuggets in their mounds.

Apple Maps could kill, say Aussie police

Australian police are warning drivers not to use Apple Maps, after six people needed rescuing thanks to the app's dodgy directions.

Google to pay out $255,000 in defamation damages

An Australian man has won a defamation case against Google because its search results associated him with a criminal.

Apple hit with massive fine for misleading iPad claims

Apple's been fined US$2.29 million for misleading Australian customers over the 4G capability of the iPad.

WikiLeaks founder in heated extradition battle

Julian Assange is pulling out all the stops to prevent his pending extradition to Sweden where the WikiLeaks founder faces charges of sexual assault.