Tesla and Nvidia ignite an automotive revolution

Most of you are probably like me, getting really annoyed when you buy a new car and discover it has a media system that is years behind current technology.  

Audi touts shooting brake hybrid

A new plug-in hybrid concept car debuted from Audi this week at the Detroit Auto Show that is described initially in just a few simple words – sporty, compact and versatile. Whether or not this is actually the case for the new allroad shooting brake car remains to be seen, but it does impress with its green vehicle specifications at the least.

Nvidia showcases Tegra in-car with the BMW i3

At CES, Nvidia showed off the breadth of its ambitions by showcasing the 192 core Tegra K1, and not just for next-gen gaming, but in-car, in an electric BMW i3. 

Toyota says new fuel cell vehicle due in 2015

The yearly Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is known typically for showcasing the latest in gadgets and gizmos. In addition this go around however we are also seeing a number of alternative vehicle announcements.

Audi teases plug-in hybrid concept (and lasers)

Much like Ford, Audi is choosing a leading consumer electronics trade event instead of the upcoming Detroit Auto Show to unveil a plug-in hybrid concept. The German automaker will reveal next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the Audi Sport quattro lasterlight concept.

Audi revs R18 e-tron quattro for 2014 racing season

With the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship and Le Mans 24 Hours events coming up again next year, Audi is looking to repeat past successes with its e-tron platform in the form of the R18 e-tron quattro.

Audi teases e-tron crossover

Audi has released images and some information about a new electric vehicle concept that looks based upon its e-tron platform and which will debut publicly for the first time at next year’s Detroit Auto Show. The unnamed offering will be of a crossover style design.

Audi's Sport Quattro is a slick plug-in hybrid

Audi will be unveiling at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week what it says could be the legitimate successor to its popular Sport quattro, which itself was first unveiled in Frankfurt in 1983. The new Sport quattro concept, in keeping with the times of more and more vehicles adding green technology, will have under the hood a plug-in hybrid drivetrain.

Audi's A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid is ready to hit the road

Audi recently provided a bit of an update, and history lesson, on the vehicles in its tron family of cars.

Audi rolls out A3 e-tron plug-in

“e-tron” is Audi’s lineup of electric cars and hybrid concepts. The automaker introduced the first one, called the Audi e-tron concept, in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Audi models showcase A4 Quattro experience

Audi designs some really sweet vehicles, running the gamut from premium people movers up to impressively fast sports cars.

Video: Autonomous parking tech rolls forward

A number of industry heavyweights are currently working to advance self-driving and autonomous vehicle tech, including Ford, Lincoln, Audi, and Google.

Self-driving cars to take the stage at CES

Toyota and Audi are set to announce self-driving cars at CES this week, indicating that the technology really may be about to hit the mainstream.

TI's Jacinto 5 SoC powers Audi MIB infotainment system

Automotive manufacturers are constantly working to improve the infotainment systems inside their respective vehicles. 

Audi shelves R8 e-tron electric car project

It would have been an all-electric supercar that went 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.8 seconds and probably priced around $250,000. 

Audi F12 electric car prototype showcases best tech

An ambitious green car technology project Audi has participated in is wrapping up after three years.

 The net result?

Audi revs Q5 hybrid quattro for Fall debut

Audi is finally set to unveil its new Q5 hybrid quattro on American shores.

Electric cars slow you say? Not so, says new Audi record

Racing track records are made to be broken, right? Is it even better if it is a high-performance, all electric sports car that does it?

Audi hybrid clinches Le Mans win

Audi has made history at Le Mans 2012 - a grueling 24-hour race - claiming a win in the LMP1 sports car class.

Audi hybrid set for Le Mans 24 Hours debut

Among the cars taking part in the Le Mans 24 Hours next month will be two hybrids from the German automaker Audi.