US banks attacked by enigmatic cyber assailants

The websites of US banks have under heavy digital attack for more than a week by unknown cyber assailants.

Oil company back up after hacktivist virus attack

One of the world's largest oil producers, Saudi Aramco, has confirmed that it was hit by a major cyber-attack earlier this month, but says it's now fixed the 30,000 affected workstations.

Sheep to text for help during wolf attacks

Swiss scientists are working on a system designed to let sheep alert shepherds of marauding wolves by SMS.

Google warns users of state-sponsored attacks

Google reckons it can tell when an online attack originates from a government, and is to start alerting Gmail users when it happens.

Scientists turn scar tissue into beating heart muscle

Scientists have successfully transformed the sort of scar tissue caused by heart attacks into living, beating heart muscle.

Engineered stem cells kill HIV

UCLA researchers say they've shown that genetically engineered stem cells can attack HIV-infected cells in a living organism.

Video: Kabul combat hits YouTube

The Taliban recently launched a coordinated offensive against the U.S. embassy in Kabul with gunfire, mortars and suicide bombers.

Global warming 'could trigger alien attack'

Maybe NASA believes that the little green men really are green - one of its scientists has collaborated on a report suggesting that the Earth's rising levels of greenhouse gases could provoke an alien attack.

Major Jihadist website downed by unknown hacker

An important al-Qaida chat forum has been downed by unknown hackers, leaving the organization without a trusted communication channel on the internet.

IMF hit by major cyber attack

The International Monetary Fund has reportedly fallen victim to a massive hacking attack that may have led to confidential national economic data being compromised.

Iran linked to massive net attack

Iranian hackers are believed to be behind an attempt to hack the internet's Secure Socket Layer (SSL). If successful, it would have allowed the hackers to impersonate Google, Yahoo, Skype, Mozilla and Microsoft.

WordPress hit by biggest-ever DDoS attack

Popular blogging platform WordPress was hit by a massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack yesterday, downing thousands of blogs.

Anonymous claims security firms plotted against Wikileaks

Hacking group Anonymous has released tens of thousands more private emails from security company HBGary, which it claims has been plotting with government agencies to attack Wikileaks.

Anonymous hits firm helping FBI investigation

The Anonymous group of cyber-attackers yesterday hit the website of a small Washington security firm, in revenge for an attempt by the company to give Anonymous' supporters' details to the FBI.

Security researcher demos new cellphone attack

A researcher at the University of Luxembourg has demonstrated a new type of attack against mobile phones at the security conference DeepSec in Vienna.

Man escapes injury from knife-wielding robot

Showing extraordinary devotion to duty, a German researcher has offered his arm up to a robot with a kitchen knife in order to help develop better safety systems.

Ubisoft blames hackers as gamers locked out

Ubisoft has apologised to gamers for the fact that its servers went down over the weekend, saying it was attacked by a hacker.