Two charged over AT&T iPad hack

In response to the "brute force" attack by self professed "Internet trolls," prosecutors have finally charged two individuals with a hack that exposed the personal data of over 120,000 iPad users in June.

Verizon iPhone won't get FaceTime 3G support

It's one of the biggest "wished-for" features for current iPhone owners, and it looks like Verizon customers won't get a break either.

T-Mobile ad mocks Verizon-AT&T iPhone battle

T-Mobile is breathing some common sense into all the frenzy that's happening with the Verizon iPhone announcement, by launching a new ad that says the iPhone isn't really worth it on either network.

Verizon iPhone 4. It's officially officially official

After several months of rumors, speculation, near certainty, and inevitable doubt, Apple and Verizon have finally confirmed, together, that the iPhone 4 will come to the nation's highest-ranked mobile provider.

Verizon iPhone expected to cannibalize AT&T sales

A Piper Jaffray analyst confirms what everyone already knows: Pent up demand for a Verizon iPhone (yes, finally!) is likely to cannibalize AT&T sales.

Motorola Atrix phone aims to replace PCs

All these newfangled smartphones can really do a lot of powerful stuff. But could they really replace you computer? Motorola seems to think so.

W00t! Verizon scores Apple's iPhone

W00t! The controversial iPhone exclusivity agreement between Apple and AT&T may officially expire this week.

HTC Inspires AT&T's first 4G phone

It brought the very first Android phone to the world and was the first manufacturer to build a 4G phone in North America, and now HTC is bringing its legendary "first" status to AT&T's 4G party as well.

Free Press, FCC and fake net neutrality

Late last night the majority of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioners said that they’re on board with Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Net Neutrality rule. The problem is that critics say the rule does little to actually protect the open nature of the Internet.

AT&T, again, ranked as worst mobile carrier

Despite the fact that it had one of its best years in recent history, and has attracted millions of new customers, AT&T has yer again been rated, by far, as the worst mobile phone provider in the US by Consumer Reports.

Many more people would buy an iPhone - if they weren't stuck with AT&T

It's a bit like one of those X Factor moments when the judges tell a performer to dump their singing partner in order to go through to the next round.

AT&T intros MiFi mobile hotspot

AT&T is joining the MiFi game. The mobile carrier will soon offer a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which draws Internet connectivity from a 3G data network, in a market currently only served by Verizon and Sprint.

Heavyweights back mobile payment system

Well, it looks as if it's finally happening: AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have announced their plans for a mobile commerce system allowing customers to pay for goods with a swipe of their phone.

Radio Shack gets Windows Phone 7

In an effort to further increase its presence in the retail space, three Windows Phone 7 devices have just found their way to Radio Shack, one of the country's top retailers for mobile phone sales.

Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 sells out

It appears to have been a successful launch for the Windows Phone 7 platform yesterday, as one of the handsets has already sold out. T-Mobile is no longer able to immediately fulfill orders for the HTC HD7 phone.

AT&T activates a record 5.2 million iPhones

With Verizon expecting to start selling its own iPhone any day now, the effect on AT&T won't be a gradual slowdown, it'll be more like a massive cliff dive.

AT&T to give Zune content to people who buy Windows Phone 7

You know who stands the most to gain with a high-profile mobile platform launch? How about the guy that's losing out on its biggest exclusivity deal of all time.

AT&T brings live TV to Xbox 360

Live TV is now available through the Xbox 360, with the news that AT&T plans to make its U-verse TV service available on the console.

AT&T debuts mobile encryption platform for spooks

AT&T has debuted a mobile encryption platform targeted at government agencies, law enforcement organizations, financial institutions and international businesses.

What will Apple's new iPhone look like?

What will Apple's new iPhone lineup look like? And when will Club Cupertino finally end its unpopular exclusivity arrangement with AT&T?