Alleged AT&T-iPad hacker wants a plea deal

Andrew Auernheimer is accused of hacking AT&T and stealing data belonging to 120,000 Apple iPad users. After allegedly tangling with the two corporate giants, he’s looking to cut a deal.

LG's glasses-free 3D phone will be just $99

The second smartphone to hit the market with true 3D display functionality will be 50% cheaper than the first.

AT&T bringing out Gingerbread updates

AT&T is rolling out the Gingerbread like it's Christmas time.

Nexus S goes on sale with AT&T

The Google-optimized Nexus S smartphone is now available at a new bargain price, if you're willing to sign up with AT&T.

Senate Democrat wants AT&T/T-Mobile deal blocked

A prominent senator has called on regulators to block the controversial AT&T/T-Mobile merger as it would inevitably "cause substantial harm to competition and consumers."

16 charged as Anonymous crackdown continues

The federal crackdown against Anonymous continues as U.S. prosecutors charge 14 people with conspiracy and intentional damage over their alleged participation in a DDoS attack against Paypal from December 6-10, 2010.

Get ready to play all mobile games in 3D

The zany, spherical avians who first gained popularity on the iPhone are about to bring their anger to a whole new dimension.

AT&T, Verizon LTE likely not interchangeable

Don't plan on buying a phone designed for AT&T's 4G LTE network and being able to use it with Verizon, or vice versa.

AT&T sponsored Amazon Kindle 3G priced at $139

Amazon is launching an ad-supported version of its popular Kindle 3G on the AT&T network for a flat fee of $139.

AT&T to launch LTE network this summer

AT&T's new and improved 4G network will be ready for the spotlight later this summer.

Nearly 1/3 of iPhone 4 users are on Verizon

Over the last five months, Verizon has slowly been eating away at AT&T's iPhone 4 market share.

Verizon says the unlimited party is over

On July 7th, Verizon will replace its unlimited smartphone data plan with three separate tiers: $30 for 2GB per month, $50 for 5GB and $80 for 10 GB.

AT&T to offer new iPhone insurance plan

Insuring the safety of your iPhone is soon to be a lot cheaper.

Apple may soon offer iPhone 3GS for free

The iPhone isn't just for the rich and famous anymore.

Americans turn away from landlines

A quarter of all Americans no longer have a landline, according to the latest figures from the Federal Communications Commission.

Analyst: don't expect a new low-end iPhone

An analyst has serious doubts about earlier reports that suggested a low-end iPhone was on the way.

Hacker admits AT&T iPad attack

A San Francisco man has admitted writing the code used to steal the personal data of 120,000 iPad users from AT&T servers last June.

Congresswoman wants carriers to clarify '4G'

Are you still confused when you see a commercial for a phone claiming to have '4G' speed?

Rumor: Verizon planning switch to tiered data

Verizon will reportedly become the next big major carrier to end unlimited mobile data for smartphone customers.

AT&T planning free Wi-Fi in NYC parks

It seems free Internet access is popping up all over the place these days, and now public parks are getting added to that list.