Iconia Tab goes 4G with AT&T next week

Once again, AT&T has been chosen as the exclusive mobile data provider for a new product.

$30 AT&T Impulse brings 4G to the masses

AT&T has just introduced a new Android-powered smartphone that can cater to budget-conscious mobile consumers.

AT&T may lower T-Mobile buyout bid

The latest adjustment that may need to  be made in order to salvage the AT&T/T-Mobile merger is a reduction in the amount of money that will change hands.

Sprint files suit to block AT&T-T-Mobile merger

Sprint has filed a lawsuit aimed at preventing the proposed AT&T-T-Mobile merger, adding its voice to that of the Justice Department to claim that the deal would increase prices and hamper competition.

How AT&T will try to save T-Mobile deal

With the US Department of Justice showing strong opposition to the AT&T buyout of T-Mobile, the carrier is ready to do drastic things to prevent the deal from dying.

Android commands 40% of US smartphone market

According to the latest Nieslen data, there are nearly 1.5 times as many Android users as iPhone owners in the US.

If AT&T deal fails, T-Mobile has no plan B

As the US Department of Justice prepares to sue to block AT&T's takeover of T-Mobile, the question now becomes "what if the deal fails?"

Sprint October event fuels iPhone speculation

Sprint has scheduled an unspecified media event for October 7, a date that's eerily close to when the next iPhone is expected to be revealed.

DoJ aims to block AT&T T-Mobile takeover

The Department of Justice is attempting to block AT&T's plans to take over T-Mobile on anti-trust grounds.

Sprint spikes up early termination fee

Although Sprint still arguably offers the best value for mobile subscription services, it's about to lose that title for early termination fees.

AT&T will hire 5000 if T-Mobile deal gets approved

If the AT&T/T-Mobile deal goes through, it could actually mean huge job creation, something that's not very typical for a corporate merger like this.

Samsung Galaxy S II will be here in September

Samsung's latest Android-powered smartphone models will be available next month, but as expected Verizon will not be  carrying it.

Sprint to employees: Don't comment on iPhone

Sprint has issued a memo to all employees to keep their lips shut about the potentiality of a Sprint-powered iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S II not heading to Verizon

Samsung's powerful next-generation smartphone will be going to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but not Verizon, and that's Verizon's decision.

JD Power study confirms Verizon as top carrier

Verizon is once again ranked as the most reliable mobile carrier in the US.

Developer code points to 4G LTE iPhone

There's new fuel to the fire of speculation that Apple is working on a 4G version of its inimitable iPhone product line.

AT&T wants to force you into unlimited texting

The amount of flexibility in AT&T's mobile service plans just keeps shrinking.

HTC Holiday phone packs a 4.5-inch display

Although not officially confirmed by HTC, it seems the next big thing from the company will be a smartphone called the Holiday.

T-Mobile shifts to data overage fees

After championing its position to not charge overage fees for capped data customers, T-Mobile has made an about-face.

Top 5% of AT&T data users will be throttled

So much for the idea of getting to keep your unlimited data plan.