AT&T wins in iPhone 4S data test

Here's something we don't get to say that often: AT&T has been ranked the best at something.

Shocker: AT&T extends expected T-Mobile deal closure

AT&T has pushed back the date when it says it hopes the acquisition of T-Mobile will be a done deal. No duh.

Sprint lawsuit against AT&T/T-Mobile merger is approved

Sprint will be allowed to sue AT&T over its plan to acquire fellow carrier T-Mobile, a plan that is continuing to face problems from the mobile industry and government regulatory agencies.

AT&T's first LTE phones to debut Nov 6

AT&T will be on par with the leader in wireless high-speed data next week when it fully flips the switch on its 4G LTE infrastructure.

AT&T wants Sprint completely shut out of T-Mobile ordeal

AT&T doesn't want Sprint near any courtroom that's involved in its attempt to acquire T-Mobile and become the largest mobile operator in the US.

AT&T wants to block Sprint from T-Mobile discussions

AT&T has filed a motion to prevent Sprint from accessing confidential information related to the proposed acquisition of fellow carrier T-Mobile.

Apple iMessage could hurt mobile carriers

When Apple launches iMessage, a free alternative to traditional text messaging, it could have a damaging impact on mobile carriers.

Extreme Makeover: T-Mobile Store Edition

If it wasn't gaining so much attention from being sued by everyone, we would almost forget that AT&T is trying to buy out T-Mobile.

AT&T Stores already getting iPhone 5 cases?

It looks like the next iteration of the iPhone is really getting close now, as AT&T Stores are reportedly beginning to receive their first iPhone 5 accessory.

Sprint will go LTE in early 2012

It sure looks like LTE is the way to go, as Sprint looks to firm up its plans to transition to the highest-speed 4G data standard over the next few months.

T-Mobile gets two new 4G phones

T-Mobile isn't just sitting by the sidelines while AT&T tries to win approval for its controversial buyout.

AT&T restores service after California outage

AT&T customers in southern California experienced a service outage lasting from Saturday afternoon through to Sunday.

Report pinpoints Mango update to begin on 9/27

Just about one day after Microsoft confirmed that Mango was ready to be peeled in a couple weeks, a report has come out to suggest a specific launch date.

Sony says its anti-consumer TOS is like AT&T

Sony is justifying its new "no sure" clause in the Playstation Network terms of service by saying that AT&T did the same thing.

AT&T eager to go to court

AT&T has no interest in settling with the US Department of Justice.

Next LG Optimus phone to be HD, LTE

After somewhat muddled excitement with the Optimus 3D, it looks like the next phone to carry LG's new Optimus name will strive to gain more attention.

AT&T faces another T-Mobile buyout lawsuit

 Another week, another problem for AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile.

AT&T 4G LTE network (aka, real 4G) launches 9/18

AT&T's rollout of its new high-speed mobile data network will officially begin on Sunday.

AT&T tries to convince it won't be monopoly

AT&T is putting a new argument on the table to dissuade federal authorities that its T-Mobile purchase won't make it a monopolistic company.

AT&T gets serious about Windows Phone 7

AT&T has confirmed that it will be launching three new 4G handsets powered by Mango - the latest version of Microsoft’s rapidly evolving Windows Phone operating system.