Nokia offers new Lumia 900 for free

Nokia's offering a $100 credit to customers who bought the new Lumia 900 through AT&T - effectively making the phone free - and is extending the offer to anyone buying it in the next ten days.

Nokia Lumia 900 goes on sale

The new entry in Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone line is now available.

AT&T Galaxy Note ICS update leaked

The latest version of Android is alive and well in the AT&T version of Samsung's Galaxy Note.

AT&T touts Lumia 900 as biggest launch ever

It may just be over-zealous marketing hype, but AT&T is saying the Lumia 900 Windows Phone will be "a notch above" anything in the carrier's history.

Video game tech adapted for real world driving

If you've ever played a racing game with a specialized steering wheel, chances are you've experienced haptic feedback when hitting an object, another vehicle, or veering off the side of the road.

T-Mobile to cut 1900 employees

The workforce of lagging mobile carrier T-Mobile is about to be slashed by around 5%.

Government accuses AT&T of cheating it out of millions

AT&T's been accused of cheating the government by letting fraudsters  take advantage of a subsidized phone service intended for deaf people.

AT&T fires back at data throttling lawsuit

AT&T may terminate the contract of the customer who sued over its data throttling policy.

Slight difference between AT&T, Verizon on 4G LTE

Apple has introduced the pricing structures for iPad LTE connectivity.

AT&T makes data throttling more transparent

AT&T is now telling its customers for the first time when their "unlimited" data will be slowed down.

Data throttling just a ploy, study finds

With AT&T just the latest service provider to scrap its unlimited data plan, a report from monitoring firm Validas says it's just a ruse designed to get users onto more lucrative tiered pricing plans.

AT&T Galaxy Note goes up for pre-order

The Samsung Galaxy Note, powered by AT&T's 4G LTE network, is available for pre-order.

AT&T Galaxy Note to arrive February 19

The Galaxy Note, which could be described more as a "tabletphone" than a smartphone, will be released to stores on February 19.

Time Warner Cable numbers prove paradigm shift

We're in the midst of a huge shake-up in the way consumers get their TV content, and there's no better example of that than Time Warner Cable's recent earnings report.

Pantech Element tablet hits AT&T stores

The Android tablet market seems like it is slowly becoming saturated, as new devices are hitting stores just about every couple of weeks now.

AT&T rumored to increase data fees

AT&T, the first major carrier in the US to stop offering unlimited data will soon start charging even more for its mobile network.

Nokia Lumia 900 coming in March to AT&T

The second Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to launch in the US will be coming to AT&T.

AT&T announces Playstation Vita 3G plans

To enable anytime-anywhere connectivity on your Playstation Vita will cost from $15 to $25 per month.

AT&T wants Watson in your car

AT&T  is working with partners to bring its Watson speech engine to connected vehicles.

Samsung's new Galaxy S2 phone is the Skyrocket

Launching on AT&T, the latest device to go under Samsung's "Galaxy" portfolio is called the Skyrocket HD.