Is Apple downloading data from your iPhone?

A number of iPhone owners have reportedly observed large, unprompted data transfers that occur overnight.

RIM preps BlackBerry "Slider" for August debut

Research In Motion (RIM) is reportedly planning to debut its BlackBerry "Slider" smartphone at a joint event with AT&T on August 3.

Updated: Final countdown begins for Dell Streak tablet launch

The final countdown for the long-awaited launch of Dell’s Streak tablet has begun. The device - which hits the steamy streets sometime this summer - is expected to carry a $300 price tag contingent upon a 2 year service contract with AT&T.

Could forced freedom make Apple stronger?

Clearly, Apple will fight the recent ruling surrounding opening up phones - but they may do better if they just capitulate.    

AT&T pledges to improve iPhone 4 data transfer rates

AT&T is attempting to placate irate iPhone 4 owners by pledging to fix a software defect responsible for slowing data transfer rates.

AT&T proft grows 26%, woes grow for next year

AT&T has posted its quarterly earnings report which showed that profit as well as subscription numbers grew, but as the iPhone gears to head to other carriers it may be one of the last times AT&T can post these kinds of statistics.

Apparently there's an "80% chance" of a T-Mobile iPhone

With months and months (and months!) of rumors circulating about another carrier getting the rights to the iPhone, there must be something brewing, and now there's a report that says T-Mobile has an 80% shot at nabbing Apple's phone.

Samsung Galaxy sells faster than iPhone overseas, US momentum coming?

Samsung's first "Galaxy S" device, the company's new line of high-end Android phones, just became the fastest-selling phone in Korean history, and Samsung believes the momentum will spread throughout the world.

AT&T denies 3G throttling 

AT&T has rebuffed claims that it deliberately throttled 3G speeds  over the July 4th holiday weekend.

Report: AT&T throttling 3G upload speeds

AT&T is reportedly throttling 3G uploads in a number of cities, including NYC, Boston, Seattle, Las Vegas and Washington, D.C.

Verizon disses iPhone 4 antenna

Verizon knows how to run a successful "attack ad" campaign. Its commercials that blasted AT&T's fractional 3G coverage area hit big, and now it's poking fun at the whole iPhone 4 antenna problem.

Verizon to end AT&T's iPhone monopoly

Verizon is reportedly poised to unceremoniously end AT&T's controversial and oft-criticized iPhone monopoly.

Verizon getting iPhone next year... for real, this time?

If Verizon gets its own version of the iPhone in early 2011, as Barclays PLC is now predicting, it could lead to 9 million new Verizon activations and a switch-over for as many as a million AT&T customers.

Apple cancels some "successful" iPhone 4 pre-orders

After an extraordinary mess with last week's iPhone 4 pre-order system, some of the lucky users who were actually able to get an order in are now being told their order was canceled.

AT&T embraces Android with Samsung Captivate

AT&T has finally caught Android fever! Yes, the carrier is teaming up with Samsung to sell the Captivate - a very sexy member of the Galaxy S family.

AT&T and Verizon side with firefighters against FCC

AT&T and Verizon are giving their support to an alliance of police and firefighters that aims to reserve spare spectrum for emergency services. If they win, it means that the spectrum won't be auctioned off to the carriers' competitors.

AT&T-iPad hacker arrested on drug charges

The FBI has arrested a hacker belonging to the infamous Goatse Security Group after seizing an unknown quantity of cocaine, ecstasy, LSD and schedule 2/3 pharmaceuticals.

AT&T fails to cope with iPhone preorders

AT&T is struggling to handle the rush of customers for the new iPhone 4, and has found itself embroiled in yet another privacy scandal.

OnLive launches cloud gaming service - and it's free

OnLive will this week launch its cloud gaming service, and is offering a year's free play to those who sign up over the next month.

AT&T says sorry for iPad security breach

AT&T has issued an official apology to 114,000 iPad users whose e-mail addresses were inadvertently leaked by the carrier.