T-Mobile, AT&T bringing cell phone service to the NYC subway

AT&T and T-Mobile have agreed to a deal that will bring mobile phone service to some of the most populated subway stations in New York City.

AT&T "not worried" about loss of iPhone exclusivity

As the carrier with the highest number of dropped calls, lowest customer satisfaction rating, and smallest 3G coverage area, AT&T's lifeblood over the last few years has been its iPhone exclusivity.

AT&T set to sell very first satellite phone

Mired by complaints about its mobile phone coverage in the US, AT&T has announced the TerreStar Genus, a phone that can get reception absolutely anywhere in the country as long as the user has a clear view of the sky.

iPhone users set to switch to Verizon

Nearly a quarter of iPhone users would switch from AT&T to Verizon if they could, when the carrier's exclusive relationship with Apple ends early next year.

Android snipes at RIM and iOS in enterprise market battle

Verizon has launched a potentially lucrative initiative to equip all of its Android devices with improved enterprise-grade security and management tools.

Sluggish AT&T might roll out 4G network next year

AT&T's next-generation mobile network won't be up and running until about a year from now, making it the slowest of the major carriers to do so.

Verizon yet again becomes highest-ranked provider

Verizon's claim that it is the country's "most reliable network" is not just a lot of lofty marketing speak. It actually has the goods to prove it, as has been evidenced again by JD Power & Associate's latest data.

Leaked documents show biggest AdWords spenders

A leaked document has shown how much big brands are spending on Google AdWords - and Apple and its products are the biggest drivers.

A three way dance between AT&T, FCC, and the Free Press

The public debate over Net Neutrality has heated up in recent days. The issue - which famously caught the attention of Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken - pits big government up against big business and concerned citizens.

Dell goes Android with Aero

Dell has launched its Android-powered Aero smartphone at a $100 price point  with a new AT&T contract ($300 without).

Users still want an iPhone 4 - just not from AT&T

Verizon could be set for a boost, to say the least, with a new survey suggesting that nearly a third of US cellphone subscribers would switch to the carrier if it started offering the iPhone.

AT&T opposes "unrestricted" wireless networks

AT&T has officially weighed in on the raucous net neutrality debate by voicing its opposition to "unrestricted" wireless network access.

Dell Streak in AT&T lockdown hell

Is anyone really surprised that the useful idiots at Dell have shackled and locked down their oversized Streak Android phone?

Dell Streak dated and priced

Dell has confirmed that its long-awaited Streak tablet will be available for US priority pre-sale on August 12, with general availability following just a day later.

Cranking the rumor mill: Verizon iPhone in January?

AT&T continues to shy away from blowing the iPhone horn, Apple is working on new iPhone chipsets, and Verizon has stopped its cocky "we don't need the iPhone" mentality. You know what that means...

One-fourth of iPhone 4 owners upset with antenna issues

Even though Apple would argue that only a handful of people ever experienced any problems with the iPhone 4's faulty antenna design, nearly 25% of all iPhone 4 owners are upset.

Hackers liberate Apple iPhone 4 from AT&T

Dev Team hackers have released a long-awaited unlock for Apple's iPhone that allows the device to be used with carriers other than AT&T.

Why the Blackberry Torch's bite is better than its bark

Research In Motion did a less than stellar job pointing out why its new Blackberry Torch is better than the iPhone or Android at a media event in New York today, but once we actually saw the device in action we think that it just might be.

Phone operators look to replace credit cards

AT&T and Verizon are following the lead of overseas operators and introducing a wireless electronic payment system.

Geezer Fanboi Mossberg: iPhone 4 is wicked cool

Unabashed Apple fanboi Walt Mossberg has opined - perhaps unbelievably so - that the iPhone 4 remains the "best device" in its class.