AT&T says iPhone 5 sets new sales record

AT&T says the new iPhone 5 has set a new record, becoming the fastest-selling iPhone that the company has ever offered.

Isis mobile payment platform delayed

The introduction of Isis's sweeping mobile payment platform continues to move at a crawl.

Radio Shack's own mobile network launches

The next time you go into Radio Shack, expect to store to try peddling you its own mobile service.

AT&T launches massive retail store

Step aside, Apple.

Radio Shack mobile carrier rumors intensify

Internal Radio Shack information shows that the company is planning its own mobile network.

Radio Shack wants to be its own mobile carrier

After hocking other company's mobile service plans for years, Radio Shack thinks it can step into the game and compete directly with the big boys.

AT&T to launch shared data plans

AT&T will take a page out of Verizon's playbook later this month.

AT&T not commenting on Facetime 3G issues

AT&T has nothing to say about what appears to be a big change coming to Facetime in the new version of Apple's iPhone operating system.

Galaxy S II Skyrocket goes to Android 4.0

Even as Google's new Jelly Bean update begins to steal the headlines, Ice Cream Sandwich upgrades are still pouring through.

Text-to-donate faces problems for Obama, Romney

The emerging market of text-to-pay isn't quite set up for presidential politics.

Samsung Galaxy S III to hit all major carriers

The Galaxy S III will go against the traditional mobile mold and soon be available on every major carrier in the US.

Sprint to sever Nextel network next year: report

The "Nextel" part of Sprint Nextel will officially be a thing of the past by around this time next year.

Isis solidifies retail partnerships

It's time for mobile payments to fully get underway.

AT&T not sure when U-verse will come back to Xbox 360

AT&T has confirmed that its removal of the U-verse streaming app from the Xbox 360 is only temporarily.

T-Mobile reportedly mulling MetroPCS merger

It's back to the drawing board for T-Mobile in the world of corporate acquisitions.

Windows Phone-powered Samsung Focus 2 will launch May 20

Samsung is ready to enter a Windows Phone device into the 4G LTE market.

AT&T to start selling home automation, security services

In an effort to further differentiate its presence, AT&T will begin selling home automation and security services nationwide.

Nokia Lumia 900 can be purchased for $49

The new, higher-end version of Nokia's Lumia phone is now available for just $49 on Amazon.

Google explains Ice Cream Sandwich delays

For the first time, Google is telling users why updates to the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus have taken so long.

Verizon to implement upgrade fee

Gone are the days of hassle-free smartphone upgrades.