AT&T's de la Vega: Microsoft plus Nokia makes a 'viable third ecosystem'

SEATTLE—Microsoft\\'s (NASDAQ:MSFT) $7.2 billion purchase of Nokia\\'s smartphone business is good for the industry and may accelerate the Windows Phone platform, according to a top executive at AT&T Mobility (NYSE:T).During the Mobile Future Forward conference here Tuesday, AT&T Mobility CEO Ralph de la Vega said that he thinks ...

GM promises in-car 4G LTE next year

General Motors says it's planning to introduce 4G LTE connectivity to its cars as early as next year, through a deal with AT&T.

AT&T opens up FaceTime to more users - but not all

AT&T's finally started offering FaceTime over cellular at no extra charge for all customers with tiered data plans - although not for those on unlimited data plans.

Hacker found guilty of AT&T data breach

A hacker has been convicted of the AT&T security breach in 2010 in which 120,000 iPad owners' email addresses were leaked.

Android-powered Galaxy Camera now available at AT&T

Android smartphones and other mobile devices have long attempted to fulfill the role of a full-fledged camera.

$500 Asus VivoTab RT hits AT&T November 16

Like the idea of Windows 8 tablet, but not exactly impressed by Microsoft's Surface?

AT&T caves in over FaceTime access

Following pressure from consumer groups, AT&T has made an abrupt about-face and opened up FaceTime video calling to Apple users on any tiered data plan.

HTC's Windows Phone 8X hits AT&T tomorrow

HTC's Windows Phone 8X will be hitting physical and virtual shelves at AT&T tomorrow. The 16GB version can be snapped up for $199, while the 8GB iteration is priced at $99.

AT&T ordered to refund 'grandfathered' customers

AT&T has agreed to hand back $700,000 to customers who were switched to the company's monthly wireless data plans despite promises that they could remain on their existing pay-as-you-go data plans.

AT&T prices Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 at $499

AT&T has confirmed that Samsung's LTE-enabled version of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 will hit physical and virtual store shelves on November 9 for $499.

Samsung's Ativ Windows 8 tablet priced at $800

Samsung's Ativ Windows 8 tablet will  have an $800 price tag when it hits physical and virtual store shelves at AT&T. 

Carriers open up networks in wake of hurricane

AT&T and T-Mobile are opening their New York and New Jersey networks to each other's users to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Galaxy Note II heading to AT&T next month

AT&T has announced its official launch date for the Galaxy Note II.

It's finally here: Isis debuts

After months of delays and disruptions in the market that made analysts wonder if it would ever materialize, Isis has finally launched.

Pair sues Apple over iPhone locking

Two iPhone users have filed a class action lawsuit against Apple, claiming that it's violating anti-trust laws by locking the phones to AT&T.

AT&T may begin six-strike piracy plan next month

AT&T could very well be the first Internet service provider to begin what is being called the "six strikes" anti-piracy campaign.

MetroPCS and T-Mobile approve merger: report

It looks like T-Mobile is finally going to merge with another company.

HTC's 8X Windows Phone 8 phone goes to AT&T

HTC's latest and greatest attempt at gaining the attention of the Windows Phone market will be available on AT&T.

AT&T expands LTE network

AT&T has added new cities to its 4G LTE network just in time for the iPhone 5.

AT&T slammed over FaceTime block

Three consumer groups have warned AT&T that they will make a formal complaint to the FCC over the company's plans to block Apple's FaceTime.