Brazilian designers craft world's most eco-friendly ATM

Remember when the "automated teller machine" seemed like a brilliant invention? 

ATMs allowed us to access cash immediately, even if it was 9 at night or Sunday afternoon.

Can ATM provide a suspenseful thriller?

Years before it finally got made, Phone Booth was one of the hottest scripts in Hollywood, simply because many considered it a great idea for a movie. 

Beware of next-gen ATM skimmers

Security experts have long urged vigilance against nefarious skimmers placed inside or on ATM machines. 

But a new generation of skimmers deployed by criminal elements may be even harder to detect.

ATM skimmers are stealthier than ever

Tech-savy cyber criminals are apparently cannibalizing components from audio players and spy cams to fashion a new generation of stealthy, effective ATM skimmers.

Criminal hacker who stole $9 million walks free

A criminal hacker who helped steal a staggering $9 million from ATM machines around the world will not be spending a single day in the slammer.

Hacked Vegas ATM dispenses cash

A security researcher attending the Black Hat conference has hacked two demo ATMs and forced both machines to dispense wads of cash on demand.

Judge bewildered by fraudster who swallowed USB drive

Brooklyn Magistrate Viktor Pohorelsky heard a piece of testimony yesterday that isn't exactly common in federal court: he heard details of a man who swallowed a USB Flash drive in order to try to destroy criminal evidence contained therein.

Hacker to demonstrate ATM attacks

A security researcher says he plans to reveal security vulnerabilities of two types of ATM along with a new ATM rootkit.

ATM skimmer swallows Kingston flash drive

An accused ATM skimmer swallowed a Kingston flash drive during a federal raid in a desperate attempt to destroy potentially incriminating evidence.