Even at MIT, it’s a challenge to get robots to act human

A team from MIT is taking on the DARPA Robotics Challenge and finding it is hard to take robots out of their typical industrial environments into the real world.

LHC ATLAS experiment recreated in LEGO

Irritated, perhaps, by CERN's tardiness in producing a Higgs boson for our delectation, a Danish scientist has produced a detailed model of the Large Hadron Collider's ATLAS experiment - made from LEGO.

'Hints' found of Higgs boson, says CERN

Well, no definite proof - but scientists at CERN say they've seen 'tantalising hints' of the Higgs boson, and that they've narrowed the range of mass it could have - if it exists.

Cheetah military robot can outrun human beings

Boston Dynamics is working on two new robots for DARPA - one agile humanoid and one designed to outpace the fastest human runners.