Unstable Atlantic deep ocean circulation under future climate conditions

Today, deep waters formed in the northern North Atlantic fill approximately half of the deep ocean globally. In the process, this impacts on the circum-Atlantic climate, regional sea level, and soak up much of the excess atmospheric carbon dioxide from industrialisation — helping to moderate the effects of global warming.

Amazon founder locates lost moon mission engines

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says he's found the five engines from the Apollo 11 spacecraft, deep beneath the Atlantic, and plans to bring at least one to the surface.

Deepwater wants a wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean

Deepwater has proposed the construction of a "Wind Energy Center" that would be capable of generating enough electricity to feed the grids of at least several East Coast states.

1936 Bugatti sells for $40 million

The estate of a well-known neurologist recently sold a 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic to an unknown buyer for approximately $30 - $40 million.