Asus might make Nexus tablet, Jelly Bean phone

Asus, a growing but still-niche name in consumer electronics, may be getting some very prized Android designations.

Asus rolls out high-end Transformer Infinity tablet

Asus has refreshed its popular Transformer Pad lineup with the high-end Infinity and entry-level 300 series.

Asus's 4.3-inch Padfone unveiled

If there's one trend we might take away from Mobile World Congress this year, it's the blurring of the line between phone and tablet.

Living with an Ultrabook - life on the lighter side

The Ultrabook can basically be described as a Mac Book Air for the non-Apple user. However, the form factor does take a bit of getting used to.

Transformer Prime bites into Ice Cream Sandwich

The Transformer Prime tablet has been upgraded to Android 4.0 a bit earlier than scheduled.

Transformer Prime experiences user backlash

The hotly anticipated Transformer Prime is living up to its hype, but there are also a few things that have some consumers complaining.

Intel's Thunderbolt to hit PCs in mid-2012

Intel's Thunderbolt transfer protocol will reportedly hit PCs in mid-2012, as Santa Clara plans to "fully release" the high-speed I/O in April.

Transformers attack Asus

Personally, I wouldn't piss off a fifty-foot tall robot equipped with laser weapons, but then I'm not in charge at Asus.

Yes, Transformer Prime will ship this month

Despite creeping rumors that Asus's ambitious new tablet was being put on hold, the company has confirmed it is 100% on schedule.

Dude, where is my Asus Transformer Prime?

Here we go again. Yes, it’s only been a week or so since pre-orders opened up for the long-awaited Asus Transformer Prime.

Asus Transformer Prime opens up for pre-orders

The tablet that wants to be more than a tablet is now available for consumers interested in being the first in line.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is one tricked-out tablet

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is definitely one tricked-out Android tablet that is likely to give Apple’s iPad a run for its money.

Asus unveils quad-core Transformer Prime tablet

Asus has managed to strike a chord with consumers in the niche "netbook" market in the US, but now it's coming out guns a-blazing in the tablet industry with the Transformer Prime.

Asus leads the tablet war against Apple

Asustek is apparently the largest, non-iOS tablet vendor - with shipments totaling a fairly healthy 400,000 units during the first half of 2011. 

Superthin 'Ultrabooks' coming soon, says Intel

Intel's revealed designs for a new type of notebook - new, that is, if you don't count the Macbook Air - based on a thinner form factor and tablet-like features.

Asus announces smartphone/tablet combo

Asus has shown off its new Padfone device - an Android phone which slots into the back of a tablet.

Asus Transformer is a ghost in Android's Honeycomb machine

It seems as if the Asus EEE Pad Transformer is little more than a ghost in Android's Honeycomb machine.

Asus attempts to explain Transformer shortage

A Taiwanese-based Asus rep has attempted to explain why Android enthusiasts are having such a difficult time purchasing the elusive Transformer tablet.

Is the Asus Transformer a phantom tablet?

Target has reportedly cancelled a number of Asus Eee Pad Transformer orders, just days after offering a $40 coupon that brought the total cost of the Android Honeycomb tablet down to $360 (plus tax and shipping).

Eee Pad Transformer is the Android device no one has

When it comes to Android tablets, you know there's more than just the Galaxy Pad and Xoom, right?