Underground living prepares astronauts for space

This week sees the start of ESA’s next underground training course for astronauts. Six new and experienced astronauts from all over the world will work together to overcome the difficulties of working in a new environment performing a full scientific programme with limited supplies – similar to working on the International Space Station.

Boeing debuts CST-100 Mock-up, astronauts climb aboard

Two NASA astronauts conducted flight suit evaluations inside a fully outfitted test version of The Boeing Company's CST-100 spacecraft earlier this week, the first time the world got a glimpse of the crew capsule's interior.

Astronauts repair International Space Station (ISS) leak

Over the weekend, the stalwart crew of the International Space Station (ISS) worked overtime to fix a leaking cooling network outside the orbital outpost.

Protecting astronauts beyond the ISS

Astronauts venturing beyond the safety of the International Space Station (ISS) will face increased exposure to cosmic radiation.

Astronauts search for life - underground

An international crew of six astronauts is poised to kick off a six-day caving training session on the sunny Italian island of Sardinia.

Exercise device protects astronauts' bones

NASA scientists say they've finally made progress in protecting astronauts' bone strength from the damage caused by space flight.

'Deflector shield' protects moon from radiation

Scientists from the UK's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory have made a discovery that could help future astronauts shelter from radiation on the moon.

Just how poisonous is the moon?

The moon could be a highly toxic place, say scientists, warning of cancer and breathing problems even when astronauts remain in their space suits.

Key enzyme could slow aging for weightless astronauts

Astronauts signing up for long-term future missions to Mars and beyond will inevitably face a wide range of health issues, including microgravity-induced lymphocyte programmed cell death.

Astronauts show brain and eye abnormalities

A new study has confirmed that astronauts risk brain and vision abnormalities as a result of spending time in space.

Thousands apply for astronaut program

NASA's received over 6,300 applications to join its astronaut corps - twice as many as usual.

Spaceflight can damage vision permanently, says NASA

If astronauts make it to Mars, they may not be able to see it very well, a NASA study has shown.

Brush up that resume: NASA's recruiting astronauts

NASA's announced that, in early November, it will start looking for  its next class of astronaut candidates.

As astronauts return, NASA sets future launch schedule

Three International Space Station crew members returned safely to Earth yesterday after a longer-than expected stay, as NASA sets a tentative launch schedule for the coming months.

Should NASA train astronauts in a post-shuttle era?

A new report published by the National Research Council recommends that NASA should "take steps" to maintain a highly trained astronaut corps - even as the United States enters an extended post-shuttle era.

Martian astronauts will need green thumbs, says NASA

Astronauts on the way to Mars could munch on space-grown lettuce, strawberries and carrots, a NASA scienstist says.

Cosmic radiation damages astronauts' hearts

Long-distance space travel could harm astronauts' arteries, say University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers.

Astronauts stuck on ISS as undocking manoeuvre fails

An attempt to undock a Russian Soyuz capsule from the International Space Station failed this morning, leaving two Russian and one American astronauts stuck there for another day.

Astronauts could waste away on long trips, says scientist

If men ever do land on Mars, they could be too feeble to do anything much when they get there, according to new research.

Chinese moms picked for space mission

China has opted for married mothers over single women in its selection of its first female astronauts.