What does Sculpteo, Pacific Rim, Warner Bros and MNSTR have in common?

Lately Hollywood seems to be fund of 3D printing. After the replica of the Aston Martin in the latest James Bond movie and the recent 3D scanning work in World War Z, the french communication agency MNSTR partnered with Sculpteo to promote the new Guillermo del Toro movie ...

3D printing an Aston Martin

For many the dream of owning an Aston Martin remains just that, the current Aston Martin Vanquish will set you back in excess of £250,000 ($380,000, €280,000), and if you’re after a vintage DB4 well you’re talking millions. For this Auckland man 3D printing is helping him build ...

Video: 007 Aston Martin returns in Skyfall

I've been a fan of James Bond movies for many years. Simply put, the franchise always represented more than just action flicks to me.

Why I don’t like the Mac and Loved the Nissan GT-R

I can like and respect Apple but I’ve never personally been attracted to Apple products.

James Bond pimps his ride for $5 million

James Bond's famous 1964 Aston Martin DB5 is being auctioned off in London for a cool $5 million.