Navy robot dances Gangnam Style

Don't expect the best leg-work in the world: like your dad after a few beers, Charli doesn't risk lifting his feet too far from the dance floor.

Permian forest found preserved in volcanic ash

Buried beneath a coal mine in Mongolia, scientists have discovered a 'Pompeii-like' forest, 300 million years old, buried by volcanic ash.

Staring at a new Evil Dead

As most of you in geekville probably know by now, a reboot, reimagining, or whatever you want to call it of Evil Dead is slowly taking shape.

Authorities 'were right to close airspace' after Icelandic volcano

Despite all the grumbling at the time, European aviation authorities were justified in grounding planes following the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano last year, new research shows.

Ash could continue to ground planes, says expert

Air travelers could be in for a lot more emergency landings over the coming months thanks to the Icelandic volcano, an aviation expert has said. Stephen Wright of the University of Leeds believes the impact of volcanic ash on airplane air-conditioning systems could be serious, and could start to show up over the next few weeks.