Artificial DNA alternative evolves on its own

The prospect of artificial life has just come one step closer, with the discovery that a synthetic version of DNA and RNA can evolve like the real thing.

Artificial photosynthesis hits record speed

Swedish researchers say they've built a molecular catalyzer that can oxidize water to oxygen very quickly - reaching speeds not far off those of natural photosynthesis.

Team builds first artificial cell membrane

Chemists have made a big step towards the creation of a completely artificial life form.

Tiny artificial muscles flex like elephant's trunk

An international team of researchers has invented minute artificial muscles that can rotate object a thousand times their own weight.

Artificial solar leaf comes to life

Following a major breakthrough this summer, researchers from MIT, led by professor Daniel Nocera, have announced that the much-talked-about "artificial leaf" is now a reality. 

Artificial blood vessels made through 3D printing

German scientists say they're building a 3D printer that can print out artificial blood vessels.

Team makes breakthrough in development of artificial brain

Researchers have built a synthetic synapse in work that could one day lead to a fully-functioning artificial brain.

Artificial corneas restore sight for the first time

Swedish and Canadian scientists have successfully implanted artificial corneas in patients, with more than half reporting substantially improved vision.

Would you eat artificially grown meat?

Would you eat meat grown in vats? No? Well, how about if you were really hungry? What could be better than a nice juicy cheeseburger with fries? 

And does it really matter whether the meat was raised, grown or cloned?

Living, breathing lung tissue created in the lab

A Yale University team has successfully implanted laboratory-made lung tissue into rats - which were then able to use it to breathe.

Venter team creates first synthetic living cell

In what is being hailed as the greatest scientific breakthrough in a generation, researchers have created the first artificial living cell.