Merlin is over, Camelot will live on

Showrunners have confirmed that 2012 is the last year for the Arthurian drama.

Review: The visions of Merlin

The new season of the BBC's popular Arthurian drama premiered this weekend, and it does not disappoint.

Merlin series 5 trailer sits the round table

BBC One has posted a trailer for the upcoming fifth series of its popular Arthurian drama.

Merlin season 5 trailer sits the round table

BBC One has released a trailer for the upcoming fifth season of its hit fantasy drama, Merlin.

Merlin teaser pics hint at new project

The official Merlin Twitter account recently posted this simple line: "Something MAGICAL is unfolding in the world of Camelot in 5 days - what do you think it could be?" along with the picture below.

The many betrayals of Merlin

The BBC’s Arthurian adventure series, Merlin, recently finished its fourth season, and the show is still going strong.

Arthur and Lancelot roles filled

Director David Dobkin has cast the leads for his upcoming film, Arthur and Lancelot.

The loyalties of Merlin

The first two episodes of the new Merlin season are out, and the double-episode story seems to be the best Merlin tale yet.

Blade and Mana: Excalibur

Our new feature series takes a look at magic swords and their place in our stories and culture.

Arthurian popularity spurs new film

A couple of very good television series have resparked public interest in the Arthurian legend of yore, and Warner Bros. has won the right to make the next film from the ancient tale.