This X-Wing is made from Star Wars novels

One of the things that has always intrigued me, although I personally lack the requisite skills, is origami and other elaborate papercraft work.

This LEGO Elven Rivendell is incredibly detailed

Like many geeks, I grew up playing with LEGO bricks. I even thought I was pretty darn good, well, for a while anyway.

Video: Fahrradi Faralla FFX, the sexiest pedal car ever made

The Fahrradi Faralla FFX looks like it hails from Italy.

Earliest cave art discovered

Anthropologists have discovered the world's earliest example of wall art, dating back 37,000 years.

Some thoughts on the passing of a Star Wars master

It’s really quite difficult to make science fiction films come alive on paper. 

A good visual presentation is crucial, and it took the artwork of Ralph McQuarrie for Star Wars to finally get the greenlight at Fox.

"Legend of Korra" art hits the 'Net

A new image of the heroine from Nickelodeon’s Avatar series gives us our first look at a character whom many of us are counting on for a return to a story we love.

Google brings Street View into world's greatest galleries

Google has teamed up with museums and galleries around the world to create Google Art Project - a sort of Street View of art.  

$1m bid on Ebay for graffiti artist Banksy's identity

He's the Scarlet Pimpernel of the art world: but he is, just possibly, about to be unmasked. Just a few short hours from now, an Ebay auction will close, with the winning bidder reportedly buying the identity of the graffiti artist Banksy.

1936 Bugatti sells for $40 million

The estate of a well-known neurologist recently sold a 1936 Bugatti 57SC Atlantic to an unknown buyer for approximately $30 - $40 million.