Interpol arrests 25 Anonymous suspects

Interpol says it's arrested 25 people in Latin America and Europe suspected of being members of the Anonymous hacking collective.

Arrests made over Subway hack

Four Romanians have been charged over a multi-million dollar scheme to hack more than 50 US-based merchants - including Subway - and steal credit card data.

LulzSec suspects arrested

The FBI has arrested three men on suspicion of having carried out hacking attacks against Sony Pictures and Santa Cruz County websites.

LulzSec's Kayla believed under arrest

Two men have been charged in the UK in connection with hacking attacks from Anonymous and LulzSec, and a further two have been arrested - one of whom may be one of LulzSec's most active members.

FBI busts massive scareware rings

The Department of Justice and the FBI say they've nabbed two scareware gangs believed to have netted more than $74 million.

Five arrested in anti-Anonymous crackdown

UK security officials have arrested five individuals suspected of participating in DDoS (distributed denial of service) activities under the auspices of an Anonymous-led campaign in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.