Arnold Talks Terminator Genesis

Whether you love the Terminator series, or are tired of it, another Terminator’s on the way, and Arnold will be back. Terminator: Genesis is currently up for a summer 2015 release, and the star himself confirmed the movie will be shooting in New Orleans next month. 

No Ah-Nold in Avatar 2

When it comes to rumors on the internet, we’ve always loved the Mark Twain line about how a lie can travel half-way around the world before the truth gets its boots on. Remember the Christian Bale rumor he could make a potential $50 million to play Batman again? Nothing but speculation that got out of hand in a hurry.  

From Terminator to Toxic Avenger

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career has seen better days, but the guy’s now a senior citizen, what did we expect? A decade ago when he realized his days as an action star were numbered, he reinvented himself as a politician, and let’s face it, if you’re still trying to be an action hero stud in your sixties, it can be embarrassing.

The integrity of The Terminator

The Terminator hit Blu-ray last month, and fans have been raving at how good the transfer looks.

Schwarzenegger says he will be back for Terminator 5

We recently reported that there may indeed be a fifth Terminator installment in the near future, and that Arnold may be returning to the franchise.

Schwarzenegger: New Conan film will be “totally believable”

The star of the long-dormant franchise offers up his thoughts on the upcoming sequel.

Lamenting Total Recall (the reboot)

Although the trailers looked fairly decent, the remake of Total Recall was probably one of the most embarrassing stiffs of 2012.

Will Arnold be back for Terminator 5?

Like many genre fans, I loved Terminator when I first saw it in 1984 and really enjoyed Terminator 2 on opening weekend.

Terminator 5 inches forward

The new Terminator sequel hasn't exactly been moving full speed ahead, but a mysterious tweet may herald a return to the drawing board.

Schwarzenegger is back as the Terminator

The aging action-star-turned-governor-turned action-star Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will be reprising the role of the futuristic assassin-bot in at least one more film.

From The Terminator to Twins?!

Who thinks a sequel to the uber-mediocre 80’s comedy Twins is a good idea?

Schwarzenegger teases Black Sands details

Since his retirement from politics last year, Schwarzenegger has dived headfirst back into acting.

Terminator 5 loses a director

Justin Lin's rigorous shooting schedule for the latest iteration of Fast and the Furious has forced the sought-after director to drop his involvement in the upcoming Terminator 5 film.

Conan then and now

The Conan reboot is finally upon us, and it almost reminds me of when the original Barbarian film hit the theaters back in '82. 

Highlander reboot loses director

Bad timing has caused Justin Lin to step down from the helm of relaunching the popular fantasy franchise.

ESA wants California to pay its legal fees

The Entertainment Software Association is now going after the state of California for reimbursements in legal fees.

Ah-Nold as we liked him

It's now obvious to anyone who isn't living in a cave that Arnold Schwarzenegger's marriage - just like his ties with the Obama administration - has been loudly terminated. 

New Terminator plans include original cast

The pitch for the new Terminator film is calling for all hands on deck.

Arnie is back for more Terminator action

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now reportedly part of a lucrative package deal put together to reboot (or continue) the iconic Terminator franchise. 

Is Arnold back for more time-traveling robotics?

Fresh on the heels of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s announcement that he’ll be returning to Hollywood, there are reports that the current owners of the Terminator franchise are considering making yet another movie. Is it a coincidence? I sure hope so.