Army says solar power helps protect US troops

The U.S. Army had a power problem, and the consequence was no small matter: Troops were left more vulnerable to sniper attacks. But now, the Army says, the use of solar and wind systems is keeping the power flowing and, as a result, helping reduce casualties.

Pentagon eyes advanced EMP grenades

Grenades capable of producing an electromagnetic pulse have long been featured in genre games, movies and books.

Army eyes waste-to-energy for base camps

Trimming the amount of energy that needs to be transported into base camps is chief goal of the U.S. military, for the simple reason that such transport is both expensive and dangerous. 

GOP takes aim at US Navy’s great green fleet

The US military's embrace of alternative energy seems to drive a segment a the public crazy – witness the many vituperative comments to this story about a hybrid ground combat vehicle under development by the Army. 

Army goes into games peripherals business

The US Army has teamed up with CTA Digital to launch its own brand of gaming peripherals in order to tempt young men to join up.

WikiLeaks trial reveals Army security SNAFU

The ongoing pretrial of Pfc. Bradley Manning has revealed a shocking lack of security procedures in the soldier's former intelligence unit which was once stationed in Iraq.

Successful test for hypersonic missile

The Army yesterday carried out its first test flight of a hypersonic missile that has a worldwide range.

Army looks to private sector on renewables

Facing rising fuel prices and energy security challenges, the U.S. Army has committed to meeting a quarter of its energy needs with renewable resources by 2025, and to achieving net zero energy use by 2030. 

Army spent $2.7 billion on FUBAR computer system

A $2.7 billion U.S. Army computer system that doesn't function properly is reportedly interfering with efforts to fight insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Want an iPad? Join the Singapore army

In the old days in England, it's said, recruiting sergeants used to hang around bars looking for impecunious drinkers and offering them the 'King's shilling' to join the armed forces.

Army preps smartphones for combat

The US military has long experimented with mobile devices for use in combat. Next week, the Army plans to conduct field trials with Apple's iPhone, Android handsets and various tablet computers.

Army readies apps marketplace for deployment

The Army is planning to launch its very own version of an apps store where soldiers can download military-specific software for mobile devices. 

US Army looks to equip troops with Android

The next thing that could help save lives on the battlefield is Google's Android platform.

Video: U.S. Army shows "The Punisher" in action

The U.S. Army has declassified a video showing the futuristic XM-25 - aka "The Punisher - in all its 25mm fragmentation round glory.

Sergeant, drop and give Android or iPhone

Whether it's in intelligence bases on US soil or on the front lines in Afghanistan, the United States Army is currently considering a proposal to give smartphones to every one of its soldiers.

Soldiers get lipo to meet Army weight requirements

If you thought that pills, yo-yo diets, and liposuction were relegated to the ladies of Hollywood, think again.

Mobile enterprise platform keeps military logistics combat ready

Tracking equipment, munitions and MREs (Meal, Ready to Eat) becomes mission-critical when members of the U.S. Air Force deploy to the battlefield. 

US Army tracks insurgents with handheld tech

The US Army has deployed a number of handheld devices to help soldiers track insurgents and detect even trace amounts of explosives.

System allows different robot vehicles to cooperate

Researchers at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) will this week give the Army a demonstration of an advanced way to allow dissimilar robotic vehicles to communicate autonomously.

Medal of Honor pulled from US military stores

After widespread criticism of the game, the US military has decided not to sell Medal of Honor at its military base exchanges, and GameStop has also said it won't stock it.