ARM CoreLink targets scalable SoCs

ARM introduced its CoreLink CCN-504 cache coherent network this morning at the Linley Tech Processor Conference in San Jose, California.

AMD debuts tablet-friendly Z-60 APU

AMD has officially debuted its Z-60 (Hondo) Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), an x86 chip designed specifically for small form factor PCs and tablets as thin as 10mm.

Linaro 12.09 goes live with Android Jelly Bean support

Linaro is a not-for-profit (NFP) engineering organization tasked with consolidating and optimizing open source for ARM architecture, such as the Linux kernel, power management, graphics and multimedia interfaces. 

Wandboard is a $69 i.MX6 dev board

The folks at Wandboard are rolling out a new Freescale i.MX6 Solo/Dual based ARM Cortex-A9 development board with a 1Ghz processor.

Parallella: An ARM-powered "supercomputer" for the masses

Inspired by the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the Adapteva team has set out to build an ARM-powered "supercomputer" for the masses in an attempt to democratize access to parallel computing.

Is Intel's Clover Trail SoC a "bloated nightmare?"

"Clover Trail is massive, so big that it is not economically viable in the markets [Intel] is fighting for."

Rockchip samples 28nm HKMG RK31xx processor

Rockchip is currently sampling a 28nm HKMG RK31xx processor, just months after shipping its RK3066 dual-core chip with a quad-core Mali-400 GPU.

Report: Apple still wants ARM-powered MacBooks and iMacs

Apple's mobile iOS devices are currently powered by RISC-based ARM architecture. However, Cupertino's iMac and MacBook lineups are still powered by Intel x86 processors.

Intel eyes ARM's big.LITTLE architecture

Intel is apparently eyeing ARM's big.LITTLE architecture as a potential paradigm for placing different cores a single x86 die.

Confusion reigns over Apple's iPhone 5 processor

A new report is claiming that Apple's recently unveiled iPhone 5 is actually powered by a custom ARMv7 core, rather than a design based on ARM's Cortex-A15 architecture.

ARM's dual-core Cortex-A15 powers the iPhone 5

Apple's long-awaited iPhone 5 is apparently powered by an indigenously designed A6 processor based on ARM's dual-core Cortex-A15 chip architecture.

Analyst: Sleek tablets threaten Intel PCs

A prominent industry analyst has issued a wary assessment of Intel's (x86) PC prospects in a mobile world increasingly dominated by ARM-powered smartphones and tablets.

This Android-powered set-top box is easy to mod

The tech market is awash with small and cheap Android-powered devices capable of functioning as full-fledged media centers.

Mars rover carries out arm exercises

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover is taking a break from driving to prepare for full use of the tools on its arm.

Yes, Wintel (x86) dominance is waning

The dominance of the Intel-Microsoft cartel is slowly waning, with the two industry heavyweights forced to play catch-up with rivals in a brave new mobile era.

Intel is inside this Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The smartphone market is currently dominated by ARM-powered devices, rather than x86 handsets.

These keyboard PCs are partying like it’s 1982

Who remembers the Commodore 64/128? Ditto for the ZX Spectrum. Two fully-functioning computers packed into a keyboard form factor. Ah, those were the 8-bit days. 

Analyst: ARM's 64-bit architecture is "clean and elegant"

Last October, ARM disclosed technical details about its new v8 architecture - which is the first to include a 64-bit instruction set.

Yes, ARM-powered Windows RT tablets will be cheaper

Lenovo recently confirmed what the mobile industry has long suspected: ARM-powered tablets running Windows RT will be $200-$300 cheaper than their x86 Windows 8 counterparts.

$49 VIA ARM-powered mini-PC lands on Newegg

VIA’s APC can best be described as a bare-bones computer board powered by  an 800 MHz WonderMedia WM8750 ARM11 processor, 512MB of RAM and 2GB of storage.