Prosthetic arm is controlled by thought

The world's first thought-controlled robotic arm is due to be implanted in a patient this winter.

Samsung preps big.little ARM chip

Samsung's ARM-based Exyonos can be found in Google's new Chromebook, the Nexus 10 tablet and even Mont-Blanc's upcoming supercomputer.

Samsung eyes ARM-powered server chips

Samsung's ARM-based Exyonos chipset powers Google's new Chromebook, the Nexus 10 tablet and even Mont-Blanc's upcoming supercomputer.

Acer rolls out a $199 Chromebook

Just weeks after Samsung began shipping its ARM-powered Chromebook, Acer has announced a $199 Intel x86-based (Celeron 847) laptop that runs Google's Chrome-centric operating system.

Intel’s x86 NUC mini-PC priced at $300

The mini-PC market is booming with a slew of ARM-powered Android bare-bones boards - and Intel clearly wants in on the fun, albeit with an x86 twist. 

Yes, ARM-powered Apple Macs are inevitable

Reports of Apple ditching Intel x86 chips for more power efficient ARM-based Macs have been circulating for years now. 

Report: Microsoft prepping Xbox Surface gaming tablet

Microsoft is reportedly prepping an indigenously designed 7-inch gaming tablet tentatively named "Xbox Surface."

OLPC upgraded with ARMADA PXA2128 triple-core processor

The One Laptop Per Child Foundation debuted its first ARM-powered laptop last year, with the OLPC X-1.75 featuring Marvell’s ARMADA 610 single-core processor.

Microsoft, ARM prep 64-bit Windows RT

Microsoft and ARM are reportedly prepping a 64-bit version of Redmond's flagship operating system for the latter company's RISC-powered chips.

Samsung’s ARM Chromebook dual-boots Fedora

Samsung’s $249 ARM-powered Chromebook is a dream come true for Linux enthusiasts and modders.

ChrUbuntu hits Alpha for ARM-powered Chromebooks

Samsung’s $249 ARM-powered Chromebook may be one of the most anticipated devices of the years for devs, modders and Linux enthusiasts.

ARM debuts Cortex-A50 chip lineup

ARM debuted its Cortex-A50 processor series at an event this morning in San Francisco. 

Samsung's Arndale powered by Exynos 5 Dual SoC

Samsung has rolled out a dev board powered by its flagship 1.7 GHz Exynos 5 Dual system-on-chip (SoC). 

Google is moving us towards a cloud-centric future

For years we’ve been told to backup our programs and data just in case something bad happened, but we’re entering an age where more and more of our precious data isn’t stored on our PC anymore.

Samsung’s ARM-powered Chromebook already a bestseller

Reports indicate that Google’s Chromebook has already climbed to the top of the Amazon’s best seller list - effectively pushing Apple’s wildly popular 13-inch MacBook Pro to the second place on the online retail site.

ARM-powered Chromebook sells out on Google Play

Samsung’s ARM-powered (WiFi) Chromebook briefly appeared on Google’s official Play store yesterday before selling out after only a few hours.

32-bit Arduino Due has the power to fly…literally

Arduino Due is perfect for DIY remote-controlled drones and more.

Samsung's ARM-powered Chromebook runs Ubuntu

Samsung's Chromebook hasn’t even officially shipped yet, but a developer by the name of Olof Johansson has already managed to load up Ubuntu on the $249 laptop. 

Samsung's $249 Chromebook is ARM powered

Pre-orders for Samsung's $249 ARM-powered Chromebook kick off today at 3PM Eastern.

The really cheap Android tablets are coming

Tablets are about to take over the world - but you probably already knew that.